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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Kym and I were chatting on when to hold our Christmas/New Year's dinner since for the past 3 years we've NEVER been complete.

Christmas 2002 and New Year 2003 - I was in Beijing
Christmas 2003 and New Year 2004 - Selene was somewhere in China
Christmas 2004 and New Year 2005 - Kym was in Beijing
Christmas 2005 and New Year 2006 - ALL PRESENT!!

Thus, we both decided to have it on January 4, 2006 - a Wednesday! Kym was telling me about this new 'Cafe Cool' at Edsa Shang that she ate at na super sarap! It's a new place raw and the food is 'Oh! So..' good! She made the reservations, and I was the one who texted Selene, Kim, and my Panget. Since I was just passing the message, I relayed what she told me, the restaurant was called Cafe Cool.

So all along, I knew the name of the restaurant was Cafe Cool. At about 7:20pm, Selene called me she told me that she and Chris were asking the guard where Cafe Cool was and the guard replied that there was no Cafe Cool in Edsa Shangri-La, they may be in the wrong hotel. They soon discovered that the restaurant's name is Cafe HEAT and NOT Cafe Cool!! I told Selene that Kym was the one who told me the restaurants name, I was merely the messenger! As I put down the phone, I told Kim and my Panget, and they both laughed, opposite of cool pa raw yung name! Haha.. At least it was somehow related to the word Cool, opposite lang na.. But still related!! Haha..

Anyways, the car park was really full, as in FULL parking talaga, LITERALLY. We were lucky enough to cruise (kasi mabagal ang takbo ng kotse) on the last lane and the valet guy pointed us to the direction of an EMPTY parking space! Yipee!! We were really lucky to get that spot, kasi all the rest were just double parked on the side!! Thanks to the valet guy, we were able to get a nice spot! Yeah!!

As we were walking towards the former Garden Cafe, Kim, my Panget and I were recalling the last time we were in Edsa Shang - kasi we didn't notice that they renovated the place. The interiors of HEAT was very similar to that of CIRCLES! The table setting too was similiar, but instead of the circulat placemat, here it was square - but the same orangey foam. Hehe..

The food was delish! I loved the Smoked Salmon, and Pineapple wrapped in Proscuito Ham! Yummy!! I think everyone except me enjoyed the sashimi and the other Japanese food that were being served. I liked the pizza, and siguro eating combined with months of LOST (as in catch up kwento, not the show - but we also talked about it.. KYMIE - we SHOULD watch one episode together!!) kwento - our dinner became MAS MASARAP!! We all talked about eveything under the sun. I even asked them if ever I joined the show Game Ka Na Ba, will they be proud of me or hindi. Chris gave a nod, Kym said YES! While Selene gave me a NO COMMENT itsura while Kim was smiling na parang napipilitan and couldn't utter a word! I won't tell you my Panget's reaction - sanay na yun sa akin, so I think normal nalang yon for him. Haha!! After a few more seconds, natawa si Selene, but Kim was still speechless and shocked!! Hahaha..

SUPER THANKS for the Christmas Gifts! I'm so sorry, but mine will be arriving this Saturday pa, I'll just send them to your place nalang:
Kim - gave uber cute earrings! Yey!
Selene - gave one of her slippers with swarovski crystals.. ang nice and cute!!
Kymie - gave delish and cutie CELLO doughnuts!! tsarap tsarap!!

To ANGKONG if in case you get to read my blog, or whatever the message below is for you:
你很可爱! 下次我们要请你吃晚餐!! 好吧?!

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