Friday, January 20, 2006

I just got home right this very minute. Chris and Selene brought me home - THANKS GUYS!! These two people are my new BEST buds.. It was Chris' idea that made me decide to FINALLY go and watch the BSB Concert. Since HS - I remember telling everyone that IF and WHEN the Backstreet Boys will be coming for a concert I WILL SURELY WATCH THE SHOW. I've known since November 2005 that they WILL be here for a concert in January 2006, but at first I was hesitant because the ticket prices were so expensive! I've never bought a concert ticket that cost that much EVER before and with my own money ah!!

Just last Sunday - Selene texted me out of the blue saying that 'Chris said he's game to watch the BSB concert if you are daw' - OF COURSE, I thought about it (just of about 5seconds though) and replied 'I'M GAME!!' I've been trying to look for friends who will go with me to this ONCE IN A LIFETIME concert - pero WALANG GUSTO sumama with me - that is UNTIL Selene texted me. I remember her reply saying 'Seryoso ka?' YES, SELENE I AM/WAS SERIOUS!! I love the BSB!! I'm a big fan of theirs.. I NEVER admitted it to anyone but I AM A HUGE FAN!! (super deny to death ah.. I swear Lydia if you're reading this now FOR SURE you're smiling and laughing!) I love listening to their songs, and their MTV's - grabe - I want to drool (-over Nick Carter) that is...

It started late at about 9pm na - and when they got on stage - grabe, I was super happy na naiiyak ako sa tuwa!! I swear, (you can ask Selene and Chris) I was jumping up and down like crazy - and singing like crazy (to the songs na I knew the lyrics to) These are the only songs I remember them singing (in no particular order)
1) I want it that way
2) As long as you love me
3) Drowning
4) Shape of my heart
5) More than that
6) Quit playing games with me heart
7) Incomplete (I was so happy to hear this last year!! Backstreet's back officially)
8) More than that
9) All I have to give

But my ALL TIME FAVORITES ARE 1), 2) and most of all 3)!! I love this song so much!!
I so looooooooooove their dance moves!! They're so good!! I can go on forever watching them dance...:) I swear!!

Through the years we've all seen them grow up. But you know what? Age only made them better . I LOVED WATCHING THEM DANCE ALL NIGHT. I know it's dumb -but MAN - they CAN really DANCE VERY WELL. Imagine watching their dance sequences on music videos only this time - IT'S RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!!! I love them!!! Grabe, I swear it's so hard to get over the feeling and kilig-ness right now!!!

During the last few minutes - Kevin thanked the fans who followed their career of 13 YEARS!! Has it been that long? Yes, it's been 13 years - that's half my age next Wednesday!! Waaaaaaaah!! Ganyan na sila ka-tagal!!! And I'm STILL a HUGE fan.

I SWEAR - Chris and Selene - I LOVE YOU BOTH DEARLY - YOU'VE MADE MY DAY/YEAR/BIRTHDAY!! I loved the concert so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for singing, dancing, and most importantly BEING with me during the concert. If it were not for your 'out of the blue' text and idea - for sure it will just be another boring Friday night - watching my usual telenovelas. It made ALL the difference. Thank you so very much!!

1) Janise and Kim were right - a BSB concert is worth it super to watch
2) They dance REALLY well - despite age and Nick's chubby-ness
3) They can STILL sing and dance - they've still got the RHYTHM - Yes, rhythm
4) They've all grown up (why does it sound better than 'ang tanda na nila!')
5) I've grown up too! (I was shocked to see kids line-ing up to get tickets and even ICA Alumnis - those 4 batches LOWER than I am!! Crazy!!)
6) They're just to fun and super sarap to watch!!

**I'm still recovering - I can't believe that I watched their concert!! If they DO come back again.. COUNT ME TO WATCH THEM AGAIN!!

***I have a feeling that I'll be buying a DVD of ALL their videos. As AJ said 'it's a trip down memory lane' - true to his word, IT WAS ....

*****When Selene sends me the pics - I'll upload them ASAP

Thanks Selene and Chris - thank you talaga SOBRAAAAAAAAA!!!

后街男孩 - 加油

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  1. Didi Dude,

    Your most certainly welcome! Happy happy advanced Birthday =) we're so glad to see you happy during the concert that it was worth ticket as well as the concert. I still cant believe we went to see it!!!!!! but as i said, I was after the experience and memory more than anything, but guys they were really good and they did DANCE and sing like hell despite their 'chubbyness' esp. that Nick dude..