Monday, January 30, 2006

*Please note that THIS IS ONLY MY OPINION..

Just now, my mom is in the middle of a conversation on the interpretation of the bible. She's with her kumare and I can't help but OVERHEAR their conversation.

If you've seen, watched, or chanced upon the INC channel on cable and the 'Ang Dating Daan', both channels claim to KNOW the bible VERY WELL. Of course since these are 2 different sects there are 2 different types of beliefs. Both channels bombared the viewer with negative comments on the other channel - claiming that the other is saying the WRONG thing about the Bible. So here's where the question lies WHO THE HELL IS TELLING THE TRUTH?!

There is really NO 'ONE' DEFINITE DEFINITION for something because everyone is different. WE are created different, we think differently - this may be attributed to many factors such as environment, upbringing, culture, belief, religion, faith, and perception. There are open minded people, and there are narrow minded people. I feel that it's wrong to INSIST on having the wrong religion - why? Well, because who created religion? Man - and man/men are prone to make mistakes. Just like the Catholic/Christian faith - we've all witnessed the ups and downs on the religion. We've read and learned from them and so - we improve right? Well, these people my mom is having conversations with - ARE TOUGH COOKIES! THEY KEEP ON INSISTING THAT THEY ARE RIGHT?! WTF!? Why don't they just RESPECT the opinion and religion that a person has?! What The Fuck - TALAGA!!! This really makes me sick.. If I can just storm inside the room and INSIST THAT THEY LEAVE THE OFFICE RIGHT THIS MINUTE!

As my brother said - this argument WILL NEVER END - It's impossible for it to end because there will be SO MANY claims that this means that and that means this. We'll just go round and round till everyone dies (I'm not kidding..)

To end this argument - EVERYONE SHOULD DIE - and then continue the argument wherever the go..

This is will NEVER EVER END... God/Jesus/Allah - HELP US! (Hindi ko na talaga ma-take ang mga taong ganito?!)

recalling MEMORIES

Friday, January 27, 2006

Had dinner last night with Kym, Selene and C at PEOPLE'S PALACE in Greenbelt 3. When I got there I was impressed because the interior was so simple yet very elegant looking. The food was DELISH, I love Thai food (although my tolerance for spiciness is super low) I loved what we ate. I loved all the dishes we ordered! Yummy Yummy Yummy!! I want to go back soon!!! (*hint*hint) haha!! Thanks Kym!! It was a wonderful suggestion... (Here I am craving for more!! Hahaha...)

After dinner we then went to M Cafe to get dessert, C was raving about the 'Jackfruit Cake' so we were convinced to give it a try. And it was MASRAP!! I'm not a fan of 'Langka' or 'Jackfruit' but the taste was so mild na super bagay for a sansrival! Tsalap tsalap din.

While munching on the dessert we got to talk. C asked Kym 'What's music to you'. I was a bit confused on what he meant by the question. It was when he explained thoroughly - that I understood what he meant and take note.. I WAS AMAZED AT THE BRILLIANCE OF THE ANALOGY.

This is what C said (not verbatim ah)
For Selene she recalls her memories through her photo albums, pictures are there to summarize her memories. Each picture is significant because it embodies a certain memory. But for C, Selene's photo album is his iPod/Music. For every music/song that he has - attached is a certain memory. Not just one memory - but a whole string of events and details. I was amazed when I heard him explain - it was like - 'ang galing!' I didn't think of it that way!! He said that whenever he hears a particular song - he'll recall what he did, who he was with, where he was, and what 'era'(-it sounds so old! haha) it represented - it even takes him at that certain point in his life!! Imaginative huh?! Well, galing right??!! Just like the BSB Concert we went to last Friday - He said that it was represensative of a part of his life.. He's not that particular of the BSB, but of their songs - because the songs have memories attached with them.

Thinking about what he said - I thought to myself - whenever I hear any BSB song - I'll forever associate it with Selene and C - I guess because they went with me - I enjoyed it soooooo much (till now, I swear C and Selene - I HAVEN'T THANKED YOU GUYS ENOUGH!! I STILL OWE YOU BIG TIME!! - walang katapusan!!)

But seriously - songs/music represent a certain part of our lives - memories of certain events, person, life-changing moment and more. Now that he's explained what music meant to him - parang ganyan din ata ako - but not so much - since, when I got back from Beijing - I wasn't updated na with what's new and what's hot. Hahaha!! I was like trapped in a certain era hindi na umusbong pa. Stagnant nalang.

A nice analogy noh? Wala lang - I just did not think about it like that. Ang galing!! Haha...

Have a nice weekend everyone!! :)

**Don't forget to drink the daily recommended 8 glassed of water a day! (Hence, )

MGP = My Guilty Pleasure

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Here's the LATEST on Brangelina Yey!!

and by the way...

Happy Birthday to me and my twin brother!!
Yeah!! :)

SMC Girls - Lunch at Conti's

Saturday, January 21, 2006

For this FIRST TIME since we became friends I WAS THE FIRST ONE at our venue - Conti's Greenhills!! I thought I was already late as I left the house at about 12:30pm and got to Conti's at 12:45pm. As I entered the place I was expecting to see Shirley, Gue, Cherry, Carol, Carissa, Mira and Bobot - I was also expecting to hear Mira say 'Diba ang usapan was 12:30pm lunch?' But I got shocked to discover that THEY WERE NOT YET IN THE RESTAURANT. I looked at my watch to check the date and time. I was thinking that maybe I went on the wrong day, maybe it was next Saturday! And so I called Shirley to ask where she was. She answered my call and apologized immediately saying that they're all on their way since nagpasundo pa si Cherry and CArol kay Gue sa Binondo - then dadaanan pa sha in QC before coming over. I was thinking - teka, parang matagal pa ah.. But ok lang since the place was PACKED as in literally PACKED ok? I was waiting for a table for 8 and I was number 8 pa! Grabe diba? The place was kinda small lang kasi and I guess they just opened recently. So I just waited. Shirley called me to say na Mira, Bobot and Carissa were all on their way to the restaurant. Ako naman, I didn't mind the wait but I was really super sleepy pa kasi - I went to watch the BSB COncert the night before. So, anyways - ayun.. so I waited.. waited till about 1:15pm when Carissa called to look for me inside the restaurant. She missed me kasi - I was reading the newspaper that time (reading the BSB interview of Ricky Lo) then we got to make kwento and catch up on things.. parang ang tagal na naming hindi nag-uusap ni Carissa!! Anyways - everyone arrived at 2:00pm complete na kami by that time.

- the food was really GREAT!!
- Mira & Bobot - do I hear wedding bells?? :)
- Gue - you look so nice... Blooming.. Yiheeeeee!!
- it was nice to see and catch up with everyone!!
- sa uulitin - but next time - SURE na ako, hindi ako mauunang dumating!! I'm always late!! hahaha... :)

I'll post pics as soon as Carol sends them to me.. Hehehe... :)


Friday, January 20, 2006

I just got home right this very minute. Chris and Selene brought me home - THANKS GUYS!! These two people are my new BEST buds.. It was Chris' idea that made me decide to FINALLY go and watch the BSB Concert. Since HS - I remember telling everyone that IF and WHEN the Backstreet Boys will be coming for a concert I WILL SURELY WATCH THE SHOW. I've known since November 2005 that they WILL be here for a concert in January 2006, but at first I was hesitant because the ticket prices were so expensive! I've never bought a concert ticket that cost that much EVER before and with my own money ah!!

Just last Sunday - Selene texted me out of the blue saying that 'Chris said he's game to watch the BSB concert if you are daw' - OF COURSE, I thought about it (just of about 5seconds though) and replied 'I'M GAME!!' I've been trying to look for friends who will go with me to this ONCE IN A LIFETIME concert - pero WALANG GUSTO sumama with me - that is UNTIL Selene texted me. I remember her reply saying 'Seryoso ka?' YES, SELENE I AM/WAS SERIOUS!! I love the BSB!! I'm a big fan of theirs.. I NEVER admitted it to anyone but I AM A HUGE FAN!! (super deny to death ah.. I swear Lydia if you're reading this now FOR SURE you're smiling and laughing!) I love listening to their songs, and their MTV's - grabe - I want to drool (-over Nick Carter) that is...

It started late at about 9pm na - and when they got on stage - grabe, I was super happy na naiiyak ako sa tuwa!! I swear, (you can ask Selene and Chris) I was jumping up and down like crazy - and singing like crazy (to the songs na I knew the lyrics to) These are the only songs I remember them singing (in no particular order)
1) I want it that way
2) As long as you love me
3) Drowning
4) Shape of my heart
5) More than that
6) Quit playing games with me heart
7) Incomplete (I was so happy to hear this last year!! Backstreet's back officially)
8) More than that
9) All I have to give

But my ALL TIME FAVORITES ARE 1), 2) and most of all 3)!! I love this song so much!!
I so looooooooooove their dance moves!! They're so good!! I can go on forever watching them dance...:) I swear!!

Through the years we've all seen them grow up. But you know what? Age only made them better . I LOVED WATCHING THEM DANCE ALL NIGHT. I know it's dumb -but MAN - they CAN really DANCE VERY WELL. Imagine watching their dance sequences on music videos only this time - IT'S RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!!! I love them!!! Grabe, I swear it's so hard to get over the feeling and kilig-ness right now!!!

During the last few minutes - Kevin thanked the fans who followed their career of 13 YEARS!! Has it been that long? Yes, it's been 13 years - that's half my age next Wednesday!! Waaaaaaaah!! Ganyan na sila ka-tagal!!! And I'm STILL a HUGE fan.

I SWEAR - Chris and Selene - I LOVE YOU BOTH DEARLY - YOU'VE MADE MY DAY/YEAR/BIRTHDAY!! I loved the concert so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for singing, dancing, and most importantly BEING with me during the concert. If it were not for your 'out of the blue' text and idea - for sure it will just be another boring Friday night - watching my usual telenovelas. It made ALL the difference. Thank you so very much!!

1) Janise and Kim were right - a BSB concert is worth it super to watch
2) They dance REALLY well - despite age and Nick's chubby-ness
3) They can STILL sing and dance - they've still got the RHYTHM - Yes, rhythm
4) They've all grown up (why does it sound better than 'ang tanda na nila!')
5) I've grown up too! (I was shocked to see kids line-ing up to get tickets and even ICA Alumnis - those 4 batches LOWER than I am!! Crazy!!)
6) They're just to fun and super sarap to watch!!

**I'm still recovering - I can't believe that I watched their concert!! If they DO come back again.. COUNT ME TO WATCH THEM AGAIN!!

***I have a feeling that I'll be buying a DVD of ALL their videos. As AJ said 'it's a trip down memory lane' - true to his word, IT WAS ....

*****When Selene sends me the pics - I'll upload them ASAP

Thanks Selene and Chris - thank you talaga SOBRAAAAAAAAA!!!

后街男孩 - 加油

the clamour for WWE tickets

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

WWE or WWF (as it was known then) has a fan base here in Manila. I just didn't expect it to be that much. Much - meaning THAT many - THAT MANY meaning - ALMOST ALL THE TICKETS ARE SOLD OUT!! Can you believe it? I PERSONALLY CAN'T. I never thought that there are that many fans out there here in Manila!!

I've been receiving emails from as far sa Davao del Sur inquiring about the tickets I'm selling.

I just hope that the show will be WORTH every penny spent by those who'll be watching.

Backstreet's Back!! Alright....

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I've decided to go watch the Backstreet Boys concert this coming Friday. I've been wanting to do so but unfortunately NO ONE wants to come with me - either they've grown out of it or they're ashamed to going - well - as everyone who knows me - MAKAPAL ANG MUKHA KO, and I don't care - I really want to see them in action. I've heard that a BSB concert is super WORTH IT!! (I hope it is.. for the price I'll be paying)

Thank god for Chris & Selene - my two new best buddies - thank god for Chris' idea that if I'm game to go - he's gonna go with me - and that means... He'll be bringing Selene!! I have a feeling that once the show starts - Selene will be cringe-ing in her seat and laughing at me (and at Chris I hope) because BSB is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo 8 years ago!!

To Lydia - if you happen to read this... THIS IS IT!! Nick Carter in the flesh baby!!!
To Yen - I know you're engaged - but this is the closest I'll get to Howie!! hahaha..
To all my ICA friends - especially Cubie, Kym, and Kim - I know that wherever you are YOU'RE ALL SMILING AND NATATAWA!!!

EXCITED NA AKO!!!!!!!! Yeah!!
P.S. This is my 2nd concert only as an adult. The first being the Norah Jones convert that was WORTH EVERY PENNY SPENT..

Not your TYPICAL Sunday..

Sunday, January 15, 2006

It's a MIRACLE!! My Panget accompanied me to mass today! AMAZING huh?!
Well, for that simple gesture, he earns 100 Brownie Points (even if I don't eat brownies)

Another was that we had dinner at the newly opened ARYA Restaurant in Promenade. The service was kinda off - I guess because the sign said they're on DRY RUN (I really don't know why they call it dry run.. hehe) But the food was DELISH!! My favorite part was that it somehow equalled to the Iranian restaurant experience that I was searching for since eating at Hatam Restaurant in Anaheim! My grand uncle and aunt specifically told us that Hatam Restaurant is an Iranian restaurant and NOT just a middle eastern restaurant. And true to his word, I NEVER founf a restaurant that served similar food and taste like in Hatam's. That wa snot until dinner time though!! Hehehe... I swear.. I'LL BE COMING BACK FOR MORE!!

Do try out their KOOBIDEH KEBAB - it's the ground beef kebab served with basmati rice and tomatoes.. I'm craving again!! Hahahahaha..

Hope you guys had a great Sunday!!

Selene's SURPRISE..

Just us, originally uploaded by candishhh.

Chris has been planning this since the start of the new year. He forwarded me an email on his plan to have a surprise party for Selene on the 14th. He's already sorted everything out and asked if I could help him with the decorations. I willingly said yes! OF course, ANYTHING for Selene.

Here are some of the pictures that were taken by Chris' spanking new Sony camera that he got in Japan (super cool!! touch screen man!!)

Thanks Chris!! Thanks for the surprise.. It was ALL YOU... ALL YOU!!

To Selene - Happy Happy Happy Birthday my dear friend! I love you to bits, and I'm so glad that you're super happy now. (Trying hard not to cry!! hahaha...)

MGP - My Guilty Pleasure

Saturday, January 14, 2006


I just need to say this.. I AM SO VERY HAPPY THAT THESE TWO ARE GETTING IN ON!! Yeah baby!! Ever since I saw the movie 'Mr&Mrs Smith' I got hooked on seeing them together. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM TOGETHER!! They're so perfect! Although I LOVE the series FRIENDS - I still don't feel the connection to Jennifer Aniston (feeling close! - haha) But seriously, these two people are perfect for one another (in my opinion - because they look good together!) They're so PICTURE-able (pronounced as picturable - if there's such a word) Seeing them photographed together sends tingles!! Kinikilg ako - I swear, it's true!! I try and STOP myself from purchasing ALL the glossies that have their pictures on the front page! But of course, who would resist buying the January 2006 issue of the local franchise of OK! Magazine I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE COVER!! Waaaaaaaaaaaah!! I can look at it for months!!! Hahaha.. I think I'm part of who's to blame for the cover(as all of those who filled up the survey and said that they wanted MORE and MORE on Brangelina), as I willingly filled up a survey form that Ms. Frances Amper of SummitMedia sent me (nag-fe-feeling na-naman ako!!) But thanks Frances for the emails - it's nice to know that readers at least have a say on some things.. :) Hehe..

*Now, I wonder what the child would look like - Makes me remember what Pheobe Buffay said when Joey and Charlie were dating (Friends, Season 10) 'With her looks and Joey's sexual magnetism - these nerds will get laaiiiiiii-d!' But seriously - I can just imagine the impact - think - Brad Pitt in Troy - and Lara Croft mized together - gosh.... the PERFECT genetic evolution!! Hahaha..

Why is it so HARD to wake up in the morning???

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Since I was small, I found it hard to wake up in the morning, especially if there's school/work. But whenever it's a Saturday morning, my body wakes up automatically and ironically - early - like about 8am!

Can anyone explain this to me? I mean up until now, I find it so damn hard waking up for work!! Argh...

I still remember vividly whilst in Beijing's Winter 2002, Kath, Maymay and I found it EXTRA HARD to get up in the morning! We'd synchronize our alarm clocks to go off one by one. Depending of course on who need to use the bathroom first! During the first half of my stay in Beijing - I was the first one up. Walang paltos yan, but as the weather grew cooler to colder, I was always the last to get up. I'd stay in bed call May May's name - tell her to wake up because I've decided not to go to my first class. She'll either tell me that she's also tamad to get up or that she'll be going to class. I remember us both trying to make excuses not to go to class - saying it's unimportant, or whatever. Hahaha!! And in the end - May May - sorry ah!! But nahawa sha with me. We began to cut class.. I mean really cut class!! Hahaha.. Thank god - hindi over cut!

I remember this one time, I had accepted a teaching job that required me to be at the school's front gate by 7:00am. Since it was good money, I accepted it. Accompanying me to teach is a friend from Russia named David (Da Wei - in Chinese - I never got his contact details - but wherever you are.. I'm looking for you!! Alch thinks this David guy likes me somehow - ewan ko kung bakit, but in fairness - he's cute! Haha) Anyways, I had to wake up at about 6:00am to take a bath - at that time it was still super dark! As I was wearing my winter jackets, gloves, and bonnet ready to go down the apartment complex, I was shocked to see that it was still very dark. Parang it was mga midnight pa! A few cars were out, and almost walang tao sa streets - ghost town kunwari. Anyways, I biked to school amid the cold weather and lighting conditions. Sobrang pinilit ko talaga to wake up early, I mean it still good money. All I had to do was speak to the students in English or if I'm tamad, we'll just make kwento. They'll ask me questions about my so-called-life in the US and I'd make up stories to keep them entertained! Haha.. GAnun lang.. :)

Anyways, back to my topic... Until now, even if it's NOT as cold as it was in Beijing, I still find it super hard to wake up in the morning. I always feel that I've not slept enough.

P.S. I'm writing this now kasi inaantok na ako. I know I've been jumping from one topic to another. You can see why - I'm sleepy and my thoughts are kinda scattered na. Edmund's still playing poker - last round na raw.

BTW - To all those who bought Water Bottles from me, I give you my HEARTFELT thanks. Thanks so much for helping me out!! I especially want to mention Chris and Selene - they're my 2 TOP buyers!! - I love you both dearly!! Mwah mwah mwah!!

ang GULONG NG PALAD nga talaga

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

"Kung minsan ang takbo ng buhay mo, Pagdurusa nito'y walang hanggan, Wag kang manimdim ang buhay ay, Gulong ng palad, gulong ng palad, Ang may kapal marunong tumingin, sa taong naghirap at nasawi, bawat isang gabi ay mayroong, isang umaga, isang umaga.. Gulong ng palad, ang buhay ay, gulong ng palad, ang kandungan, ang kapalaran, kung minsan ay, nasa ilalim/ibabaw"

I was watching TV last night and chanced upon the Channel 2 Telenovela 'Gulong ng Palad' which stars Kristine Hermosa and TJ Trininad. It SUDDENLY occured to me that TJ TRINIDAD CAN SPEAK TAGALOG!! You might wonder why I said that, well he CLAIMED not to know how to speak Tagalog. And I remember everything that happened in DETAIL.

During the 3rd sem of my Freshman year(ID 98 ako) in DLSU our very rowdy and noisy class was suddenly quited by the entrance of TJ TRINIDAD. He's famous for the SWATCH commercial where he and co-star started kissing out of the blue IN PUBLIC!! His good-looking mestizo features make heads turn wherever he goes. And for a fact everyone KNEW he went to DLSU. So for a few seconds the class was stunned by his sudden entrance. All the girls in the class/block including me were hoping against hope to sit beside him(shempre naman noh!) Then our professor for the JPRizal class also entered. I forgot her name but she's kinda dark and chubby - she claims that she doesn't let her kids watch TV - and she has her class in Tagalog. Argh.. I know for a fact that in college, professors RARELY have a seating arrangement, but this professor - well, she was known to have all of her class seated ALPHABETICALLY. YES, alphabetically. I say YES, because of all the girls in class, I BENEFITED THE MOST FROM THIS arrangement!! WHen the professor announced that she wanted the class to sit alphabetically (- I remember hoping for this, seriously!) I was the happiest person in class. I say this because I really was! Imagine, having to sit beside TJ TRINIDAD for the whole semester!! Man, you're up close and personal with this guy! And of course, there's the kilig factor too! (-gwapo eh!) I remember the professor mentioning the names of each student and mentioning them to sit where, when she got to my name TIU, C***, then TRINIDAD, RAUL - TJ Trinidad's real name. BiNgO!! That's him! She motioned for him to sit beside me. Of course at first, mejo nahihiya pa ako to speak to him, so dead-ma muna right? But come 3rd day of class on speaking terms na kami. I secretly hoped that he would remember my name, kahit name lang - pwede na. That's all I wanted (-for him to remember me!! Ang corney ko noh?) But then when then all of a sudden he came to class less and less - the professor explained that - HE CANNOT SPEAK TAGALOG, NAHIHIRAPAN SHA, but he can converse well in Spanish (I think secretly, they did). And so I saw less of him, but there was still the hope that one day, he'll come to class again. AND HE DID come to class, I cannot remember exactly when or why but he did (buti nalang) I was lucky enough to own an ENGLISH copy of a book about Rizal, he asked to borrow it. OF course what would I say, shempre 'OF COURSE!' - sagot agad diba?! (I did seem eager, I think) He borrowed my book for the whole of that semester. Sobrang happy nalang ako and ini-imagine ko na 'he has something of mine' - I know it's baduy and all but I don't care - that was my moment. MY MOMENT! Haha.. And when finally it was nearing the end of the term, he was excused by the professor from the final exam - the reason being - HINDI MARUNONG MAG-TAGALOG. Damn him and his Spanish speaking. I think most of us in class had an inkling that the professor had a crush on him. He was excused/exempted and the professor made it public and announced it to everyone(that he had a special test or something to that effect!) Kakainis!! And so after the finals, I never saw him again. Sad.. I thought the book will never be returned (-which is perfectly okay since nahawakan na nya diba?!) I was shocked that the following semester while walking through the chess plaza (nearing the Girl's Locker room - before the construction of the new buidling) I heard my name being called. 'Candice!' I turned around to see who it was, THEN.. he came walking towards me. I never doubted for a second that he was referring to me - what I doubted was what I was seeing and hearing, 'Nanaginip ba ako? Tama ba na si TJ TRINIDAD yan?' - that was what was going thru my head. I'm not sure who I was with (-I think si Shirley yon, but she might not remember it anymore..) Then he came up to me, handed me the book he borrowed and said 'Candice, thanks for the book ah.. It helped, thanks!' He smiled then walked away. I was awestruck for a few seconds. My expression was shocked, kilig, and in disbelief - of what happened' He KNEW my name!! TJ Trinidad KNEW my name (-and remembers me) Haha.. Anyways, after that incident, he was nice enough naman to smile and raise his hand to acknowledge when we came across one another (like twice lang ata since the 'returning of the book') Till now, I remember EVERYTHING in detail. Na-aalala ko pa nga where the classroom was and where we were seated eh! Ganun ka lala!! I know it's super kapal to claim this, but I say - If it wasn't for my book - MAHIHIRAPAN sha with the JPRizal class. (Pero ako lang nag-iisip nyan) Bottomline is- he BECAME my SEATMATE and classmate in JPRizal class. (For those who doubt this story - check with the DLSU Registrar's office and for SURE our names will come side by side when you pull up the records for the student list for THAT particular JPRizal class - I will search my course cards stack)

ANYWAYS, to TJ TRINIDAD slash RAUL TRINIDAD - I hope you'd still remember me, I lent you my book for the whole semester! If it were not for that book.... Just kidding!! Haha... I would be shocked to see that IF and WHEN we do come across one another, and you'd still remember me - nako, bilib na talaga ako sayo!! (I know now that you can understand EVERYTHING I wrote here - FOR SURE!!)

**I hope to get a clearer picture of him though..


Monday, January 09, 2006

I just took this test, and AMAZINGLY.. yes, I am a MAGENTA...

Your Power Color Is Magenta

At Your Highest:

You energize yourself and push others to suceed.

At Your Lowest:

You feel frustrated and totally overwhelmed.

In Love:

You are suprised by who you attract. You're a love magnet.

How You're Attractive:

Open and free spirited, people want to explore the world with you.

Your Eternal Question:

"What is my next source of inspiration?"

hormones all over the place!!

Since last Thursday, I've been feeling a little weird. First - emotionally I've been sort of on extremes. Sencond - eating habits have been weird too! There are times that I eat like a gorilla (Wednesday at Chili's and Thursday at HEAT) Then are were 2 times na I didn't eat dinner at all! Third - I've been feeling bloated and I feel ugly (as usual)my clothes don't fit me well anymore.. and the VERDICT = PMS-sing. Yes, HORMONES ALL OVER THE PLACE!! Thank god for mefanamic acids and midol!! haha... :) - Problem solved!!

I've been feeling pain on my lower back - pain as in super sakit na even stretching it out won't help. It's been a recurring problem - with no cure!! I've been feeling MORE tamad lately (tamad kasi parati eh) and super sleepy to do stuffs!! (Ang sarap kasi humiga)

Anyways - to understand PMS better (*hinting toot and toot!)
Over 150 symptoms have been attributed to PMS. After complaints of feeling "out-of-control", anxious, depressed and having uncontrollable crying spells, the most common complaints are headache and fatigue. But symptoms may vary from month to month and there may even be symptom-free months. No women present with all the PMS symptoms. Characteristically symptoms may be both physical and emotional. They may include physical symptoms as headache, migraine, fluid retention, fatigue, constipation, painful joints, backache, abdominal cramping, heart palpitations and weight gain. Emotional and behavioral changes may include anxiety, depression, irritability, panic attacks, tension,lack of co-ordination, decreased work or social performance and altered libido.

Originally described in 1931 by an American neurologist, the grouping of symptoms has remained the same:

A- Anxiety: irritable, crying without reason, verbally and sometimes physically abuse, feeling "out of control", or Dr. Jekyl-Mr. Hyde behavior changes.

D- Depression: confused, clumsy, forgetful, withdrawn, fearful, paranoid, suicidal thoughts and rarely suicidal actions.

C- Cravings: food cravings, usually for sweets or chocolate; diary products including cheese, an on occasion, alcohol or food in general.

H- Heaviness or Headache: Fluid retention leading to headache, breast tenderness, abdominal bloating and weight gain.

Aside from the regularity of symptoms seen prior to menstruation, there are certain elements which distinguish PMS from other disorders:

*PMS may often be triggered by hormonal changes. It tends to begin at puberty, after pregnancy, after starting birth control pills, after hormone related surgery as hysterectomy or tubal ligation or around the onset of the menopause. In fact, it is not unusual for the PMS sufferer to confuse her symptoms with those of an early menopause.

*Lifting of symptoms (including headache) with pregnancy, especially in the second and third trimester.

*Heredity appears to be a factor although specific symptoms may differ between sisters or mother and daughters.

*There is often an aura of increased activity prior to the worse symptoms of PMS or migraines. At this time, the woman may clean the house, function with little sleep, and feel euphoric. This is followed by the PMS symptoms, migraine, fatigue, exhaustion, depression and the inability to function. Women typically feel “out of control” at this time and this can cause the signs and symptoms of depression.


Sunday, January 08, 2006

"It's a basic truth of the human condition that everybody lies. The only variable is about what. The weird thing about telling someone they're dying is it tends to focus their priorities. You find out what matters to them. What they're willing to die for. What they're willing to lie for." -- Dr. Gregory House

People tell LIES to save themselves from trouble, some for FAME, some for EGO, while some - well, just to SAVE face. I've heard of HORROR stories that have happened to my friends. I for one was a VICTIM of a lie.

I hate these kinds of people. They make me wish they NEVER existed at all. I HATE LIARS - they make me sick. One of the great things my mom has taught me is NEVER to lie. It's true that 'the TRUTH will set you free' - it will, and it STILL does. If one tells the truth - ONE need not worry, if one TELLS a lie, that person will worry to DEATH because the truth may come about, eventually. Being honest and transparent with everthing brings about a certain peace and tranquility in a person. You become at peace with yourself and with the world. You BECOME worry free. But WHEN you tell a lie, everything becomes the exact opposite. Although there's a certain amount of peace that you experience, it's only TEMPORARY - because the TRUTH has its own special way of creeping up into your life whenever everything SEEMS to be normal.

I'm NOT claiming that I've never lied, because as God is my witness I have done so - countless of times. I'm merely saying that for me.. the lies I've told - I've regreted.

the TRUTH as I would always say(as about everything else) - is RELATIVE. It may mean one thing to someone and a whole other thing to someone else. Like what I learned in Philosophy class back in DLSU - everything is relative. And so I try and understand people's actions and reactions.

All I want to say is that - with the TRUTH on your side - everything will be OKAY, everything will be RIGHT, and every thing and everyone will be at PEACE.

So to the PEOPLE WHO TELL LIES for reasons that are beyond me, I wish you GOOD LUCK - As I said - the TRUTH has its special way of creeping up into your life when everything A-Okay.

**Note - These are just my sentiments. NOTHING MORE, nothing less..
***To THAT friend of mine - You know who you are, I WISH YOU WELL WITH EVERYTHING.. :) Be STRONG.. Kaya mo yan!! I will ALWAYS be HERE for you, Promise!

little SASHA ANDREA's christening..

About a little past 4:00pm this afternoon, the basement part of the Christ the King church was filled with the sound of a crying baby girl. All of a sudden, all eyes were searching for where the sound came from. It came from SASHA ANDREA, Imma and Marshall's 2nd baby angel. And at that moment, she was being Christened - welcomed to the Christian world. It seems that she was irritated with something - Annie, my friend - suggested that it may be the sound of the microphone, because baby SASHA was not used to loud sounds. I hope that reason was right, or else.. Just Kidding!!

To SASHA ANDREA - welcome to the Christian world, CONGRATULATIONS!!


Friday, January 06, 2006

Thank god for Channel 53 - etc's 2nd Avenue!!
JEOPARDY 's back - Yeehaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

For sure Kim, Selene, Kym, Chris and Edmund will be thrilled to know that it's back on TV - para huminto na ako manuod ng 'Game Ka Na Ba?'

*JUST A NOTE - I would have WON the 1Million Peso Jackpot in tonights GKNB episode. I KNEW WHAT THE ANSWER WAS?! Darn it... I was wondering, if the staff made the questions a little easier than normal if celebrities are playing ... Just a thought!!
Anyways, the question was 'Ano ang dating minimum height ay 5'4 at maximum weight na 115lbs.?' - FLIGHT ATTENDANT OR STEWARDES..

Happy Birthday Camille!!

To my fellow 'mahilig mag-kwento'
I feel so old!! Argh...

Entertainment Update:

Thursday, January 05, 2006

I KNEW IT!! IT's impossible to become SUPER thin in an instant. I EVERY woman in this world deems to have the perfect body.. but at what cost?

The magazines, TV shows and other stuff, dictates to us what we should be and shouldn't be. Here's the link to the whole article on Lohan Tells Vanity Fair...

I just have to say.. I love them both.. They look so GOOD together!! If it were true.. CONGRATULATIONS!! Gosh, I can just imagine, the baby would be oozing with sexual magnetism when it gets born!! Just kidding!! Here the whole article on Brangelina: Baby Rumors

Cafe Cool = HEAT - Healthy Eating, Amazing Tastes

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Kym and I were chatting on when to hold our Christmas/New Year's dinner since for the past 3 years we've NEVER been complete.

Christmas 2002 and New Year 2003 - I was in Beijing
Christmas 2003 and New Year 2004 - Selene was somewhere in China
Christmas 2004 and New Year 2005 - Kym was in Beijing
Christmas 2005 and New Year 2006 - ALL PRESENT!!

Thus, we both decided to have it on January 4, 2006 - a Wednesday! Kym was telling me about this new 'Cafe Cool' at Edsa Shang that she ate at na super sarap! It's a new place raw and the food is 'Oh! So..' good! She made the reservations, and I was the one who texted Selene, Kim, and my Panget. Since I was just passing the message, I relayed what she told me, the restaurant was called Cafe Cool.

So all along, I knew the name of the restaurant was Cafe Cool. At about 7:20pm, Selene called me she told me that she and Chris were asking the guard where Cafe Cool was and the guard replied that there was no Cafe Cool in Edsa Shangri-La, they may be in the wrong hotel. They soon discovered that the restaurant's name is Cafe HEAT and NOT Cafe Cool!! I told Selene that Kym was the one who told me the restaurants name, I was merely the messenger! As I put down the phone, I told Kim and my Panget, and they both laughed, opposite of cool pa raw yung name! Haha.. At least it was somehow related to the word Cool, opposite lang na.. But still related!! Haha..

Anyways, the car park was really full, as in FULL parking talaga, LITERALLY. We were lucky enough to cruise (kasi mabagal ang takbo ng kotse) on the last lane and the valet guy pointed us to the direction of an EMPTY parking space! Yipee!! We were really lucky to get that spot, kasi all the rest were just double parked on the side!! Thanks to the valet guy, we were able to get a nice spot! Yeah!!

As we were walking towards the former Garden Cafe, Kim, my Panget and I were recalling the last time we were in Edsa Shang - kasi we didn't notice that they renovated the place. The interiors of HEAT was very similar to that of CIRCLES! The table setting too was similiar, but instead of the circulat placemat, here it was square - but the same orangey foam. Hehe..

The food was delish! I loved the Smoked Salmon, and Pineapple wrapped in Proscuito Ham! Yummy!! I think everyone except me enjoyed the sashimi and the other Japanese food that were being served. I liked the pizza, and siguro eating combined with months of LOST (as in catch up kwento, not the show - but we also talked about it.. KYMIE - we SHOULD watch one episode together!!) kwento - our dinner became MAS MASARAP!! We all talked about eveything under the sun. I even asked them if ever I joined the show Game Ka Na Ba, will they be proud of me or hindi. Chris gave a nod, Kym said YES! While Selene gave me a NO COMMENT itsura while Kim was smiling na parang napipilitan and couldn't utter a word! I won't tell you my Panget's reaction - sanay na yun sa akin, so I think normal nalang yon for him. Haha!! After a few more seconds, natawa si Selene, but Kim was still speechless and shocked!! Hahaha..

SUPER THANKS for the Christmas Gifts! I'm so sorry, but mine will be arriving this Saturday pa, I'll just send them to your place nalang:
Kim - gave uber cute earrings! Yey!
Selene - gave one of her slippers with swarovski crystals.. ang nice and cute!!
Kymie - gave delish and cutie CELLO doughnuts!! tsarap tsarap!!

To ANGKONG if in case you get to read my blog, or whatever the message below is for you:
你很可爱! 下次我们要请你吃晚餐!! 好吧?!

dinner with Ches and Mark

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I had a great time tonight dinning at Chilis with Ches, Mark and the whole BLCU 2002 1st sem gang - Kath, Denz, May May, Brian, Althia, Bang, Mark, and myself.

Ches and Mark became the guests of honor because they're here for the holidays. Mark works for URC in Shang-Hai, while Ches was in Shang-Hai for studies.

Had fun you guys!!

Ches - If there's a U2 concert, I'm sure to visit you ins Sing! And aslo if there's a DIRT CHEAP fare going to Singapore - be assured that I'll be pulling you and MayMay to eat with me at Boon Tong Kee and Din Tai Fung.. Hehehe.. Nice see you again Ches!!! (sa next URCC ulit ah!! Hahaha!!)

Mark - If and when I go visit Beijing, I'll make sure to visit you in Shang-Hai, even if it means travelling by train(I love the trains!! No Joke..) to get to Shang-Hai.. Nice seeing you too!!

Melissa - Like what I said.. If there's a DIRT CHEAP fare... GAME ON!! Pero if majority wins and Singapore is the destination.. FINE, let's just eat at Boon Tong Kee everyday ok? Just Kidding!! See you in a couple of months!!! Yehey!!

withdrawal symptoms of a MASSAGE ADDICT

I've been missing my TWICE a week dose of body massages - the reason for this would be the parties and functions that I've been attending. Since just a month ago it officially became the Christmas Season - parties crept up from nowhere, and the next thing you know - holiday na (as in walang work).

Of course Holidays are holidays too for masseuses diba? So for 3 weeks now, I've MISSED my massage days. Firstly - because of the parties I've been accompanying Edmund to (I'm not complaining - basta ba may FREE food, GAME ON!! - and in fairness, I've won Edmund a ton of prizes like a digicam to name one) Second - because of the LEGAL holidays and Third - because the masseuse is on vacation!! (I know.. I need to be more understanding - EVERYONE deserves a break..)

So I'm really looking forward to this Thursday night - beacause Thursday nights are official MASSAGE nights here at home.

I think I'm having withdrawal symptoms from not getting my massages for over a month!! My lower back is killing me, my shoulders are getting SUPER sore and many more aches and pains here and there - these are the symptoms of not having my weekly dose of massage. I said to myself before na I'd lessen my massage days to once a week nalang. But at this point, it seems IMPOSSIBLE for me to do that. I need one BADLY!!!

So on Thursday.... WALANG DAPAT MANG-GULO SA AKIN AFTER WORK!!! Hahaha... Just kidding!!

loving SM Department Store..

Monday, January 02, 2006

I absolutely LOOOOOOOVE SM Department Store. I do! I really do! My friends will swear by it. I swear, it's the best place to shop in the Philippines (safe answer). My favorite SM Department Store.

Since I was little, my mom and my aunts would bring me to SM Department Store to shop for school shoes, party dresses, and casual wear. Over the years my shopping has graduated from school shoes to prom/party shoes to gimmick shoes. From kiddie party dresses it improved to formal dresses – the list goes on and on. For every need (except for Supermarket – sorry Chris!!) we go to SM.

Selene, Kim and I frequent SM on our own – I think it was just in college that we realized that we went to the same place for shopping. We enjoyed it there so much!! I mean, you can LITERALLY find everything you need in one place. As the tagline of SM goes ‘We’ve got it all for you!’ – True enough, it has everything under one roof AND the prices are fairly reasonable and most of the time affordable. Whenever you’re scouting for something, you go to SM because you know and everyone knows it’s CHEAP/MURA.

A little over 6pm today, I accompanied my mom to the SM Department Store over at North Edsa (this by the way is THE best department store EVER – Megamall only comes second for me) to look for items that Sr. Ligaya asked for us to buy for them. As we entered the mall proper, we had to fall in line to get in (duh?! This has to be THE most populated SM mall), and when we got in, there were literally hoards of people walking about the mall. My mom and I headed straight to the department store proper to scout for the items needed, but as we walked in, I was stunned to see the same number of people crowding the modules and cashiers as well. I just realized a few minutes later that the department store was on sale, a late recollection of an ad I saw on yesterday’s newspaper – the sale ends today January 2, 2005. The WHOLE department store was on sale! People were literally everywhere, sales people were seen running around the place, especially on the 2nd floor as it was where ALL the shoes are located. I’m sure everyone has their own fond memory of buying shoes from SM – the process of getting your size in a style you liked would appear like this:
1) Going to the nearest sales person or the promo-diser (thanks to my Panget and Bny for the term!) to ask for your size.
2) Then, the sales person/promodiser would then grab a micro-phone, and say a series of numbers and motion you to wait by the area where you may sit to wait for your pair of shoes.
3) A few minutes later (seconds seem to be impossible), you’d hear something that sounds like something bulky had fallen on the floor, looking for where the sound came from your attention would suddenly be distracted by a salesman holding up 8-10 boxes of shoes over his shoulders, then dropping them to the floor in an instant – this is the same sound you heard – but now, nearer and louder.
4) Now, it’s claiming time! Excited to try on the pair of shoes you asked for, you’d need to wait for your turn, as the salesman would announce one by one what brand, style, and size he had just brought. I know this sounds and seems crazy, but apparently for Mr. Sy – who developed the system IT WORKED! And it still works, up until now, except of course – there’s no more microphone hanging from the ceiling – it has been replaced with AIPHONE Intercoms (courtesy of AVESCO Marketing – my Panget, I need my commission! Free Promo nay an!)

I’ve always been curious on what the stockroom for the shoe floor looks like. I mean, the people in charge of the stock room must have a sponge like brain for them to memorized a hundred or more codes and figured out which style, brand and size went where.

My Panget would ALWAYS kid me that if there comes a time where we’d cross paths with Mr. Sy, he’d come up to Mr. Sy, pull me behind him and tell Mr. Sy that I love and frequent SM Department Store. Of course, this is a long shot, but recently, it looks to be otherwise – why? Well, Mr. Sy frequents Podium on Sundays. Podium is another mall that I like – (it goes on and on..) and I frequent. So put two and two together – our paths may cross one day! My Panget would ALWAYS inform me if there’s an ongoing sale at which branch – his cue – ‘Yung favorite store mo, sale nanaman’ and with this, I’d smile and reply ‘Tara, let’s go!!’


Sunday, January 01, 2006

Here's to a
New Year!!