so NEAR yet so SAM away...

Saturday, December 24, 2005

I am one of those 'late' shoppers for Christmas, honestly I had no plans to go shopping at all, it was my Panget who chided me to go with him to Glorietta, Makati to look for gifts to give his god-kids. On the way to Makati, we used the Makati-Mandaluyong route - I was surprised to see a few cars on the road. I was hoping silently that traffic would be manageable and that the shopping area won't be super crowded (as it was December 24). I told my Panget to park at the 6750 car park, as fear of having to go through traffic and wasting good shopping time falling in line for parking. As we entered, we were shocked to see that there were a FEW cars parked! (thank gawd!!)

We first went around the Mango-Women's Secret lane, again, we were shocked to see LESS and LESS last minute shoppers walking about!! The crowd was less than that of a usual Sunday crowd. Weird isn't it? Anyways, we were going around and around till we got to the La Coste store. I was showing him a bag that I really like that cost 8.5K!! That's just a small messenger bag otherwise known as a 'travel' bag in my lingo.. Upon exiting the store, I looked back at the bag that I liked, I thought to myself that I'd try and have it copied (alam mo naman ako!! barat!! haha..) THEN.. suddenly I saw this familiar face and his smile.. it was SAM MILBY of Pinoy Big Brother!!
He was with a guy companion and it looked like he went shopping (because of the paper bagS he was holding) I shrieked, pointed at him and told my Panget 'Si Sam yan, si Sam yan!!, OMG, si Sam yan of Pinoy Big Brother!!' He was walking towards the escalators going up to the MAC-Rustan's area. I was stunned for a few seconds till it occured to me that my fairly new phone (I got it September 2005) had a 2.0megapixel camera on it!! I persuaded Edmund to have him take Sam and my picture!! He was hesistant (what do you expect from a guy who loathes local channels??) Since he was hesitant, I was using all my might to pull him to the direction Sam was going! Of course, Edmund's much bigger than I am (go figure!!) I finally let go of my grip, and RAN towards Sam. I LITERALLY RAN AFTER SAM!! (-ask my Panget how 'fast' I ran to get to SAM) He got on the escalators (He was wearing a red long sleeve shirt) and I tried best as I can to get near him. I told myself not to be too excited as it would attract attention (selfish ako noh! - althought marami ng nakapansin - pero picture wise, ako lang ang pwede!!) I was confident that I'd be able to get a picture taken with him because he was within distance lang. Siguro mga 5 steps ahead of me lang (Not bad diba?) And so I waited until I got to the top of the escalators, and when I did, i SEARCHED LEFT AND RIGHT, looked into the Bench Body store to my right, looked into the Mercury outlet to my left, looked straight (as far as I can see ah) to the direction of the Rustan's entrance. HE WAS GONE. Literally GONE!! As in no where in sight!! As my Panget reached the top of the escalators he found me looking 'na-lugi' he asked 'Nasan na si Sam mo?' and I just told him na he disappeared! Because he really did!! I swear, if you were in my position, you'd say the same thing, because he really did! He was just a few seconds ahead of me and NAWALA sha parang bula!! I was so frustraded!! I stayed on, ran to MAC, tried to peep inside Rustan's but SAM was no where to be found. I was super sad, depressed, devastated, and at a loss for words. It looked as if someone stole something valuable to me, kulang nalang siguro is maluha ako sa sadness (I was about to though, buti nalang hindi natuloy!)

I hated the feeling. A few seconds ago, he was there. Then now he's gone!! Argh!!! I hate this feeling!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!

Thing is... I didn't have anything I wanted for Christmas, be it material of whatever. But when the disappointment of not having a picture taken with SAM.. I think THAT would have made my Christmas... Huhu...

*I called my mom to tell her what had happened - she laughed!!
*I texted Auntie Nene to kwento what had happened- her reply/advice - TAKBO KA MAS MABILIS NEXT TIME!! (then she told me that she got me a BENCH poster of Sam - thanks Auntie Nene!! You're the best!!!)
SAM's Bench Ads

A few hours later, I went in Rustan's to look for my havaianas 'suki', then I saw UMA of the same show.. Too bad, I'm not an UMA fan..

Then when my Panget brought me home, my mom switched on the TV, guess who was on Studio 23 being interviewed by Asia Agcaoili? S A M !! Dog-dammit!! Na-na-nadya!! Argh...

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  1. That's so funny! But don't lose hope. Who knows your paths might cross again. Will try to get you an autograph if you want. =)