I don't feel like it's Christmas

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

As the years passed, I feel the Christmas spirit less and less. Isn't it sad? I don't know why?? I guess maybe because compared to when I was little, there was something to look forward to like gifts, a long vacation and probably the mystery of Santa Clause!

Now, there's no Christmas vacation, not as much gifts and of course, no more Santa Clause. Christmas is not a holiday that my family spends time preparing and celebrating. Christmas is like an ordinary day, with an exception of a Christmas tree in the living room, and christmas lights are seen all around the house, and going to Chrismtas Eve mass.

I miss the times when we used to go to my grandparents house, to have Christmas eve dinner and wait until the clock strikes 12, so we the kids can open our gifts. I really and truly miss it! It has become a tradition to spend Christmas Eve at my grandparents house. It was not until my grandfather got sick that we stopped that tradition. And after he passed last August 1997, things went downhill from there. I saw my cousins less and less, we visited my grandparents house less and less.

As they say, things happen for a reason, maybe this happened to teach us something. It has taught me something indeed, but at the expense having no one to share Christmas with except my immediate family.

A Merry Christmas to everyone, and I hope everyone enjoys the holidays as much as I did when I was younger.

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