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Friday, December 30, 2005

Higeo Menu, originally uploaded by candishhh.

Actually, it's just a part of the HIGEO menu. HIGEO is a Japanese restaurant in Beijing that delivers food. Super convenient, kasi whenever you're tamad to go out and think of a place to eat, there's the always reliable HIGEOYAJI to the rescue. Rain or shine, snowing or windy - for sure Higeo will deliver. Parang hindi ata sila nag-sasara eh..

Anyways, Cams sent me this kanina, to help her differentiate which to Beef Bowl to order... BIGLA KO NALANG NAMISS YUNG FOOD NG HIGEO!!

Instant cravings for the Salmon Pasta, Salmon Fried Rice, Zha Ji Rou and the Ka Lee Fan. Hay!!!!

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