a HANS-some experience

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I've never heard a little child yearn and appreciate Mr. Bean. I was surprised to learn that Hans, Barbs and Coco's unico-ijo loved Mr. Bean. I was told that he loves watching Mr. Bean cartoon and Mr. Bean Live. Weird huh?! Well, anyways...

As I walked throughthe stalls of the famous and very much crowded 168 Mall weeks before the December rush hit. I chanced upon a Mr. Bean doll. Honestly, I thought and still think that it looks a bit scary, and for a 2 year old boy's gift, I'd think Barbs would've hit me in the head and would silently think less of me. But nevertheless, I called my Panget to tell him that I found a Mr. Bean doll and it reminded me of Hans. He asked me to describe the doll, and so I did. Mr. Bean was about 2feet tall and he was/is wearing a black turtle neck sweater, black pants, and black shoes. He looked like he was going to some covert operation with his infamous smirk. My Panget said he'd text me back if I should get it or not. A few hours passed, in short, I never got a 'go' signal buy the doll.

Weeks have passed, and whilst walking at the Greenhills tiannge area, we saw a store that carried the same Mr. Bean doll. He immediately called Barbs and asked her if we should get Hans this doll or not since he was wearing all black and as my Panget would say 'Nakakatakot ang itsura!' Barbs replied yes. And so we did.

It was just today, that we got to give Hans his Christmas present. I wrapped Mr. Bean in a red and green wrapping paper (feeling festive) para naman hindi maging gloomy.

As we walked up the stairs to Barbs' place, I could hear a cute boy's voice say 'Edmund' in the cutest ever way! It was Hans. The last time I saw Hans was at Ilysha's 1st birthday party, that was about middle of this year. He looked really cute - Barbs' carbon copy - a minature Barbs pero boy. I would NEVER forget what he did when he saw a butterfly near where we were seated. He looked at my Panget and lifted his chubby cute hands up to him. My Panget and I were clueless on what he wanted to do. It seems that, Hans was offering his hand to my Panget because he was afraid to go near the butterfly on his own. He needed someone to accompany him. How cute!!!!!! - that is one of my favorite Hans memory.. till today that is..

Upon entering Barbs and Coco's place - he showed us pictures of him displayed on the table. He pointed to the pictures and murmured 'Hans Yu' - which is his name. We were then led by Barbs to the living room where my Panget gave Hans our late Christmas present. He opened it up and was a little confused on what the doll was. It was only when Barbs told him that it was a Mr. Bean doll that he recognized it. Finzen (Barbs' brother in law) saw the doll and uttered (while holding the doll) 'Edmund, pag nilagay mo ito sa kwarto mo, hindi ka na makakatulog nyan'. Little genius Hans understood what Finzen said. Who would have thought this little boy would even listen to their conversation. After hearing what Finzen said, Hans looked at Barbs and said 'I don't like' lifting his cute chubby hands to his mouth - which to me looked like he'd start to cry. Of course, mommy Barbs appeased him and told him that she's have Mr. Bean wear one of his kiddie clothes - para lang hindi matakot. Hans, now smiling told me and my Panget to 'Chia Chia na' and pointed to the direction of the dining room.

Barbs served us with hers and my Panget's favorite - Four cheese pizza from Yellow Cab and the pasta she cooked which was superb by the way! (Barbs, and sarap - Promise!!!) Hans on the otherhand, sat diligently on his high chair eating lugaw (congee) He was constantly blurting out 'What's that?' Smart kid noh? What amazed both me and my Panget was when Barbs told Hans to tell us all the colors of the rainbow. Which he did.. PERFECTLY! But that wasn't the end of it, Barbs then told Hans to tell us the 9 planets of the solar system - and he did!! Grabe, this kid IS smart!! When asked 'Who's boy genius?' Hans would smile and point to himself. Cute noh??

I was impressed that at his age, he remembered my name and my Panget's. To think that whenever I meet a child I always tell them my nickname, Didi - because it was easier to pronounce and remember. But Hans, he said Candice - with correct pronounciation. This kid has been impressing me since I entered their lovely abode. It was like every second he seemed to become more curious and absorb whatever answer we replied to his constant 'What's that?'

He likes to eat pizza, but seems never to swallow it. He doesn't like spaghetti because it's hot. He also doesn't fancy Ice Cream beacause it's too cold. So what does he like? Something that is in between.

Hans has is this 'Eyebrow Thing' that he showed us. It's his cute version of The Rock's eyebrow lifting. I'd love to show it off, but thing is. I need to download the video from Edmund's phone and then upload it up here. This is a difficult task for me as I am NOT a techie and is instead a technologically-challenged person. I'll try my best to have it uploaded though.. Hehe..

To Barbs and Coco - I'll take your offer on the challenge to see kung sino ang susuko sa ka-daldalan, me or Hans..

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