First Haircut in more than 12months

Friday, December 02, 2005

I've decided to grow my hair last October 2004. It's been a year since that decision, and I'm happy to say that I stuck with it. Even if it was really hard and awkward at first, I stuck with my decision. And now more than 12 months later, I'm deciding to have my hair styled and colored. Why? Well, for the reason that 1) it's nearing Chirstmas and I always believed that one should look their best EVERY Christmas and New Year! 2) I'm bored with always tying my hair back 3) It's been a while, since I felt pampered.

I've been booking appointments with my hair dresser left and right, and at the last minute (a day before the scheduled appointment) I'd back out - in fear, with hesitation, with ultimate reluctance. One would ask why? Well, because I fear that I'd look stupid!! The last time I had long hair was when I was in 4th year high school! That's roughly 7 years ago!! Since 1999 I've had my hair short, and I liked it that way. Low maintenance and easy to wear!! No fuss, no mess! But now that my hair is long, I'm faced with gruelling hours drying my hair, combing/brushing my hair, buying endless rubberband supplies, shampoo bottles emptying before I know it, lathering up my long hair(this takes time ah!! argh), and conditioning my hair for protection.

Tomorrow, will be judgement day for me. I hope that my 'new' hair looks good on me!! I pray that Jing will not mess up my look - well, he never has! He's been so good, that I've been a loyal client since 1999!! He's the only person I trust with my hair, and no one else. He just flips my hair, cuts it, and voila!! A new look!!

To 'capture' my new look, I've decided to have my passport picture taken! Of course, after the haircut - my hair will definitely be styled thus having the 'inayos' or 'kaka-parlor lang' look that I want to acheive. I just hope everything goes well as planned.

Good luck to me!!

Have a nice weekend everyone!!
Ipagdasal nyo nalang ako.

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