Amoroma Christmas Dinner

Thursday, December 22, 2005

FINALLY!! After gruelling emails and text messages, we finally got to meet up to celebrate Christmas ON TIME (since graduation). Shirley, Cherry, Carissa, Mira and I were present for the dinner, it was too bad that GUE - was stuck on South Super Highway because her fanbelt broke! (Poor Gue!!) Tintin on the otherhand, well.. you can read The search for Cristina Besas

Anyways, the food was great, the ambiance was too!! I love Amoroma, especially the Cheese and Anchovy Pizza!! Yummy, yummy, yummy!! (Thanks to Kath for bringing me here in the first place!)

After dinner, we proceded with the exchange gift. We decided on a minimum of Php800.00 and a maximum of whatever for the gifts. I tasked Mira to pick first because her last name is Abinoja (walang connect, alam ko!!) she picked Gue - therefore she needs to give her gift to Gue, Shirley picked for Gue and got Cher, Cher picked me, I picked Carissa, Carissa picked Shirley, and since she was the last one, she picked Mira!

Everyone got lovely gifts!! I think I can say on behalf of everyone that WE ALL LIKED OUR GIFTS! To be more specific, here's a list of the gifts and who received them:

MIRA - GUE - a The Spa GC plus something more
GUE - CHER - The Spa GC
CHER - DIDI - Kenneth Cole Reaction Bag (It's pink!! and I love it! - thanks Cher!!)
DIDI - SANG - Lush - Karma Pyramid (I hope Carissan gets to like the scent! It's my favorite kasi)
SANG - SHIRL - Marks & Spencer gift pack (talcum powder, foaming bath and moisturizing hand & nail cream)
SHIRL - MIRA - Travel Pictionary, and something else!

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