the KIKAY in me..

Saturday, December 31, 2005

I will NEVER admit to be kikay, because I'm really NOT. I have my good friend Kym de Guzman to be kikay for me - for the past years, she's CONSTANTLY done my make up and styled me up. Why?? Kasi I'm super tamad!! Haha..

Well, since today IS a HOLIDAY, it seems only right that I wake up late, diba? But NA-AH!! I woke up at 9am and for what?? I woke up that EARLY just to have my nails painted red (superstitious ako eh - for the New Year) by my mom's manicurista.

Grabe, ang aga ng kakikayan ko noh?? Haha!!

the Higeo Menu

Friday, December 30, 2005

Higeo Menu, originally uploaded by candishhh.

Actually, it's just a part of the HIGEO menu. HIGEO is a Japanese restaurant in Beijing that delivers food. Super convenient, kasi whenever you're tamad to go out and think of a place to eat, there's the always reliable HIGEOYAJI to the rescue. Rain or shine, snowing or windy - for sure Higeo will deliver. Parang hindi ata sila nag-sasara eh..

Anyways, Cams sent me this kanina, to help her differentiate which to Beef Bowl to order... BIGLA KO NALANG NAMISS YUNG FOOD NG HIGEO!!

Instant cravings for the Salmon Pasta, Salmon Fried Rice, Zha Ji Rou and the Ka Lee Fan. Hay!!!!

BAMBOO: Light, Peace, Love

Since my Panget is a bit clueless on the local music scene, I think I can say that I know more than he does (duh?!) So when he received the CD of Bamboo's latest album,I WAS DELIGHTED. I told him that Bamboo is a super galing na band. Their songs are nice to listen to, original, and fresh.

For weeks now, I've been hearing the song 'Much has been said..' on the radio, as I asked my brother Tiu who sang the song, I was expecting his reply to be a familiar name of a foreign band. To my shock he said 'Bamboo yan noh!'. I was impressed! The song sounded so nice, and I LOVED it immediately . I was making him(Tiu) kulit to upload the song to my k750i phone, but he was quite busy with office stuffs.

Before I went to bed, I listened to the WHOLE album. That is something NEW to me, since I've NEVER done that. Whenever I get a CD, I'd just pick the song I liked and listened to it until I get tired of it (-that is how weird I am) But, with this CD, I listened to the songs one by one. And the verdict? ANG GALING - that's all I can say. It's definitely worth it. Every song has its own style. I liked it so much that I raved about it to my brother. Go buy the orignal one, IT'S WORTH EVERY PENNY... I swear!!!

When I got up this morning - I looked at my SUN cell phone and guess what FREE ringtone I received?? - The ringtone of 'Much has been said..' - co-inky-dink?? Hahaha..

a HANS-some experience

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I've never heard a little child yearn and appreciate Mr. Bean. I was surprised to learn that Hans, Barbs and Coco's unico-ijo loved Mr. Bean. I was told that he loves watching Mr. Bean cartoon and Mr. Bean Live. Weird huh?! Well, anyways...

As I walked throughthe stalls of the famous and very much crowded 168 Mall weeks before the December rush hit. I chanced upon a Mr. Bean doll. Honestly, I thought and still think that it looks a bit scary, and for a 2 year old boy's gift, I'd think Barbs would've hit me in the head and would silently think less of me. But nevertheless, I called my Panget to tell him that I found a Mr. Bean doll and it reminded me of Hans. He asked me to describe the doll, and so I did. Mr. Bean was about 2feet tall and he was/is wearing a black turtle neck sweater, black pants, and black shoes. He looked like he was going to some covert operation with his infamous smirk. My Panget said he'd text me back if I should get it or not. A few hours passed, in short, I never got a 'go' signal buy the doll.

Weeks have passed, and whilst walking at the Greenhills tiannge area, we saw a store that carried the same Mr. Bean doll. He immediately called Barbs and asked her if we should get Hans this doll or not since he was wearing all black and as my Panget would say 'Nakakatakot ang itsura!' Barbs replied yes. And so we did.

It was just today, that we got to give Hans his Christmas present. I wrapped Mr. Bean in a red and green wrapping paper (feeling festive) para naman hindi maging gloomy.

As we walked up the stairs to Barbs' place, I could hear a cute boy's voice say 'Edmund' in the cutest ever way! It was Hans. The last time I saw Hans was at Ilysha's 1st birthday party, that was about middle of this year. He looked really cute - Barbs' carbon copy - a minature Barbs pero boy. I would NEVER forget what he did when he saw a butterfly near where we were seated. He looked at my Panget and lifted his chubby cute hands up to him. My Panget and I were clueless on what he wanted to do. It seems that, Hans was offering his hand to my Panget because he was afraid to go near the butterfly on his own. He needed someone to accompany him. How cute!!!!!! - that is one of my favorite Hans memory.. till today that is..

Upon entering Barbs and Coco's place - he showed us pictures of him displayed on the table. He pointed to the pictures and murmured 'Hans Yu' - which is his name. We were then led by Barbs to the living room where my Panget gave Hans our late Christmas present. He opened it up and was a little confused on what the doll was. It was only when Barbs told him that it was a Mr. Bean doll that he recognized it. Finzen (Barbs' brother in law) saw the doll and uttered (while holding the doll) 'Edmund, pag nilagay mo ito sa kwarto mo, hindi ka na makakatulog nyan'. Little genius Hans understood what Finzen said. Who would have thought this little boy would even listen to their conversation. After hearing what Finzen said, Hans looked at Barbs and said 'I don't like' lifting his cute chubby hands to his mouth - which to me looked like he'd start to cry. Of course, mommy Barbs appeased him and told him that she's have Mr. Bean wear one of his kiddie clothes - para lang hindi matakot. Hans, now smiling told me and my Panget to 'Chia Chia na' and pointed to the direction of the dining room.

Barbs served us with hers and my Panget's favorite - Four cheese pizza from Yellow Cab and the pasta she cooked which was superb by the way! (Barbs, and sarap - Promise!!!) Hans on the otherhand, sat diligently on his high chair eating lugaw (congee) He was constantly blurting out 'What's that?' Smart kid noh? What amazed both me and my Panget was when Barbs told Hans to tell us all the colors of the rainbow. Which he did.. PERFECTLY! But that wasn't the end of it, Barbs then told Hans to tell us the 9 planets of the solar system - and he did!! Grabe, this kid IS smart!! When asked 'Who's boy genius?' Hans would smile and point to himself. Cute noh??

I was impressed that at his age, he remembered my name and my Panget's. To think that whenever I meet a child I always tell them my nickname, Didi - because it was easier to pronounce and remember. But Hans, he said Candice - with correct pronounciation. This kid has been impressing me since I entered their lovely abode. It was like every second he seemed to become more curious and absorb whatever answer we replied to his constant 'What's that?'

He likes to eat pizza, but seems never to swallow it. He doesn't like spaghetti because it's hot. He also doesn't fancy Ice Cream beacause it's too cold. So what does he like? Something that is in between.

Hans has is this 'Eyebrow Thing' that he showed us. It's his cute version of The Rock's eyebrow lifting. I'd love to show it off, but thing is. I need to download the video from Edmund's phone and then upload it up here. This is a difficult task for me as I am NOT a techie and is instead a technologically-challenged person. I'll try my best to have it uploaded though.. Hehe..

To Barbs and Coco - I'll take your offer on the challenge to see kung sino ang susuko sa ka-daldalan, me or Hans..

so NEAR yet so SAM away...

Saturday, December 24, 2005

I am one of those 'late' shoppers for Christmas, honestly I had no plans to go shopping at all, it was my Panget who chided me to go with him to Glorietta, Makati to look for gifts to give his god-kids. On the way to Makati, we used the Makati-Mandaluyong route - I was surprised to see a few cars on the road. I was hoping silently that traffic would be manageable and that the shopping area won't be super crowded (as it was December 24). I told my Panget to park at the 6750 car park, as fear of having to go through traffic and wasting good shopping time falling in line for parking. As we entered, we were shocked to see that there were a FEW cars parked! (thank gawd!!)

We first went around the Mango-Women's Secret lane, again, we were shocked to see LESS and LESS last minute shoppers walking about!! The crowd was less than that of a usual Sunday crowd. Weird isn't it? Anyways, we were going around and around till we got to the La Coste store. I was showing him a bag that I really like that cost 8.5K!! That's just a small messenger bag otherwise known as a 'travel' bag in my lingo.. Upon exiting the store, I looked back at the bag that I liked, I thought to myself that I'd try and have it copied (alam mo naman ako!! barat!! haha..) THEN.. suddenly I saw this familiar face and his smile.. it was SAM MILBY of Pinoy Big Brother!!
He was with a guy companion and it looked like he went shopping (because of the paper bagS he was holding) I shrieked, pointed at him and told my Panget 'Si Sam yan, si Sam yan!!, OMG, si Sam yan of Pinoy Big Brother!!' He was walking towards the escalators going up to the MAC-Rustan's area. I was stunned for a few seconds till it occured to me that my fairly new phone (I got it September 2005) had a 2.0megapixel camera on it!! I persuaded Edmund to have him take Sam and my picture!! He was hesistant (what do you expect from a guy who loathes local channels??) Since he was hesitant, I was using all my might to pull him to the direction Sam was going! Of course, Edmund's much bigger than I am (go figure!!) I finally let go of my grip, and RAN towards Sam. I LITERALLY RAN AFTER SAM!! (-ask my Panget how 'fast' I ran to get to SAM) He got on the escalators (He was wearing a red long sleeve shirt) and I tried best as I can to get near him. I told myself not to be too excited as it would attract attention (selfish ako noh! - althought marami ng nakapansin - pero picture wise, ako lang ang pwede!!) I was confident that I'd be able to get a picture taken with him because he was within distance lang. Siguro mga 5 steps ahead of me lang (Not bad diba?) And so I waited until I got to the top of the escalators, and when I did, i SEARCHED LEFT AND RIGHT, looked into the Bench Body store to my right, looked into the Mercury outlet to my left, looked straight (as far as I can see ah) to the direction of the Rustan's entrance. HE WAS GONE. Literally GONE!! As in no where in sight!! As my Panget reached the top of the escalators he found me looking 'na-lugi' he asked 'Nasan na si Sam mo?' and I just told him na he disappeared! Because he really did!! I swear, if you were in my position, you'd say the same thing, because he really did! He was just a few seconds ahead of me and NAWALA sha parang bula!! I was so frustraded!! I stayed on, ran to MAC, tried to peep inside Rustan's but SAM was no where to be found. I was super sad, depressed, devastated, and at a loss for words. It looked as if someone stole something valuable to me, kulang nalang siguro is maluha ako sa sadness (I was about to though, buti nalang hindi natuloy!)

I hated the feeling. A few seconds ago, he was there. Then now he's gone!! Argh!!! I hate this feeling!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!

Thing is... I didn't have anything I wanted for Christmas, be it material of whatever. But when the disappointment of not having a picture taken with SAM.. I think THAT would have made my Christmas... Huhu...

*I called my mom to tell her what had happened - she laughed!!
*I texted Auntie Nene to kwento what had happened- her reply/advice - TAKBO KA MAS MABILIS NEXT TIME!! (then she told me that she got me a BENCH poster of Sam - thanks Auntie Nene!! You're the best!!!)
SAM's Bench Ads

A few hours later, I went in Rustan's to look for my havaianas 'suki', then I saw UMA of the same show.. Too bad, I'm not an UMA fan..

Then when my Panget brought me home, my mom switched on the TV, guess who was on Studio 23 being interviewed by Asia Agcaoili? S A M !! Dog-dammit!! Na-na-nadya!! Argh...

Amoroma Christmas Dinner

Thursday, December 22, 2005

FINALLY!! After gruelling emails and text messages, we finally got to meet up to celebrate Christmas ON TIME (since graduation). Shirley, Cherry, Carissa, Mira and I were present for the dinner, it was too bad that GUE - was stuck on South Super Highway because her fanbelt broke! (Poor Gue!!) Tintin on the otherhand, well.. you can read The search for Cristina Besas

Anyways, the food was great, the ambiance was too!! I love Amoroma, especially the Cheese and Anchovy Pizza!! Yummy, yummy, yummy!! (Thanks to Kath for bringing me here in the first place!)

After dinner, we proceded with the exchange gift. We decided on a minimum of Php800.00 and a maximum of whatever for the gifts. I tasked Mira to pick first because her last name is Abinoja (walang connect, alam ko!!) she picked Gue - therefore she needs to give her gift to Gue, Shirley picked for Gue and got Cher, Cher picked me, I picked Carissa, Carissa picked Shirley, and since she was the last one, she picked Mira!

Everyone got lovely gifts!! I think I can say on behalf of everyone that WE ALL LIKED OUR GIFTS! To be more specific, here's a list of the gifts and who received them:

MIRA - GUE - a The Spa GC plus something more
GUE - CHER - The Spa GC
CHER - DIDI - Kenneth Cole Reaction Bag (It's pink!! and I love it! - thanks Cher!!)
DIDI - SANG - Lush - Karma Pyramid (I hope Carissan gets to like the scent! It's my favorite kasi)
SANG - SHIRL - Marks & Spencer gift pack (talcum powder, foaming bath and moisturizing hand & nail cream)
SHIRL - MIRA - Travel Pictionary, and something else!

The search for Cristina Besas

It has been 4 YEARS , since I last saw this friend of mine. We've been sending her emails, calling her - but no answer. Then OUT OF THE BLUE: She adds me to her friendster account!! Shirley has been in touch with her just about the same time. Shirley informed her of the planned Christmas dinner tonight 12/22, but the place was not yet decided. Thus - Shirley was supposed to call her to inform her of the venue.

At about 4:55pm, Shirley sent me a text message asking me if I could call up Tintin (her nickname) to inform her of the time and venue of tonight's dinner. Shirley mentioned that one of Tintin's officemate has been making her 'taray', for what reason? Maybe because of the constant calls of Shirley (in her defense, she's been leaving messages but there was no reply, call or any feedback at all! So, I was tasked to call Tintin; (to everyone who knows me, I can be a sweetheart and a bitch - if the situation calls for it) and I was since I called thrice to no avail! On my 4th call, I spoke to her officemate - I was throwing a fit because she told me that Tintin had just left!! I had her transfer me to the guard. I spoke to the guard and he told me that Tintin left about 4 minutes ago! I asked him to transfer me to the guard at the MAIN ENTRANCE (baka-sakali ma-abutan ko) thus, he did - and I spoke to the guard at the Lobby, but all my efforts were futile because the lobby guard said that there was no one loitering at the lobby, everybody has left! Being resourceful (ang yabang ko!) I called Tintin's office again and asked for a number to contact her, ANY number would suffice (since I was told that she didn't have a mobile phone) Her officemate graciously gave me Tintin's dorm's number - which I called and spoke to Nay (short for Nanay) she said that Tintin hasn't arrived yet, but once she does, she will tell her to call Shirley (I left Shirley's mobile number with Nay) - but to no avail again, because we didn't get ANY call, NONE AT ALL.

To Tintin, if in case you browse through this...
WE REALLY MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't feel like it's Christmas

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

As the years passed, I feel the Christmas spirit less and less. Isn't it sad? I don't know why?? I guess maybe because compared to when I was little, there was something to look forward to like gifts, a long vacation and probably the mystery of Santa Clause!

Now, there's no Christmas vacation, not as much gifts and of course, no more Santa Clause. Christmas is not a holiday that my family spends time preparing and celebrating. Christmas is like an ordinary day, with an exception of a Christmas tree in the living room, and christmas lights are seen all around the house, and going to Chrismtas Eve mass.

I miss the times when we used to go to my grandparents house, to have Christmas eve dinner and wait until the clock strikes 12, so we the kids can open our gifts. I really and truly miss it! It has become a tradition to spend Christmas Eve at my grandparents house. It was not until my grandfather got sick that we stopped that tradition. And after he passed last August 1997, things went downhill from there. I saw my cousins less and less, we visited my grandparents house less and less.

As they say, things happen for a reason, maybe this happened to teach us something. It has taught me something indeed, but at the expense having no one to share Christmas with except my immediate family.

A Merry Christmas to everyone, and I hope everyone enjoys the holidays as much as I did when I was younger.

Sandra Toh & Jon Tan's Wedding

Saturday, December 10, 2005

It's been YEARS since I last saw and heard from Sandra Toh. If I remember correctly the last time I saw her was during High School graduation! Then recently maybe a month or two ago, I saw her at Chili's! I've heard that she was getting married late this year, and common friends have been telling me that she looks 'blooming' and at the same time she's so in love. I doubted it at first but when 3 more of my friends told me the same thing, I said to myself, maybe she's changed. Lo and behold upon entering Chili's Greenhills, someone called my name, a cute ang girly voice said 'Candice!?' As I turned around, I saw Sandra. True to what our friends have been telling me.. SHE INDEED LOOKS MORE BEAUTIFUL! It's as if she became more beautiful! (Did I mention that she was already pretty all through out High School?) She looked VERY happy and IN love!! I never thought I'd see/meet a person who was giddy and truly is IN LOVE.

For the 4 years that we've been seatmates, Sandra struck me as a SHY, QUIET, CUTESY but BEAUTIFUL, and INTENSE person. She was somewhat irritated by noice or whenever Cubie and I make her kulit to copy notes. She was this HIGHLY organized person that draws very well and is artistic. During our senior year, I was surprised to learn that she didn't want to go to Ateneo, even if she passed the entrance exam - her reason - 'Kasi buong angkan ko sa Ateneo nag-aral, ayoko doon!' this was what she told me point blank. Instead she went with me to take the CSB entrance test - her reason - she wanted to go to school that dealt with the arts! She also went to UST, I think to take the entrance exam. And as I expected, SHE ACED each and every entrance exam. And still she chose to go to CSB.

So from 1998 -2005 we had no contact. There was an occassional text here and there but nothing more. We agreed to meet up one time, but it didn't push through. TODAY is the first time after the Chili's meeting that I will see her again.

I was late at the Church because I had to attend to some office stuffs, but when I got to the lunch reception (thank gawd I was on time! -thanks to KYM DE GUZMAN for my make-up!!) After chatting with Tin Sy, Sharon, and Lydia (all of which were my seatmates during high school) The emcee announced that Mr and Mrs Jon Tan was entering the ballroom. Lo and Behold, a beautiful and blooming Sandy came in arm in arm with his husband Jon. It took me a while to absorb all of what I saw. Then when the emcee said that the newlyweds will be having their first dance as husband and wife - to everyone's shock - THE COUPLE DANCED!! They literally danced!! With matching choreography and dance (as in sayaw na walang hiya-hiya ah!!) I was not believing what I was seeing!! Sandra?? dancing?? I remember her as being a super shy girl!!

Things really DO change when you're in love.. Love as they say, is what makes the world go round..

Congratulations and Best Wishes to Sandy and Jon Tan!!

First Haircut in more than 12months

Friday, December 02, 2005

I've decided to grow my hair last October 2004. It's been a year since that decision, and I'm happy to say that I stuck with it. Even if it was really hard and awkward at first, I stuck with my decision. And now more than 12 months later, I'm deciding to have my hair styled and colored. Why? Well, for the reason that 1) it's nearing Chirstmas and I always believed that one should look their best EVERY Christmas and New Year! 2) I'm bored with always tying my hair back 3) It's been a while, since I felt pampered.

I've been booking appointments with my hair dresser left and right, and at the last minute (a day before the scheduled appointment) I'd back out - in fear, with hesitation, with ultimate reluctance. One would ask why? Well, because I fear that I'd look stupid!! The last time I had long hair was when I was in 4th year high school! That's roughly 7 years ago!! Since 1999 I've had my hair short, and I liked it that way. Low maintenance and easy to wear!! No fuss, no mess! But now that my hair is long, I'm faced with gruelling hours drying my hair, combing/brushing my hair, buying endless rubberband supplies, shampoo bottles emptying before I know it, lathering up my long hair(this takes time ah!! argh), and conditioning my hair for protection.

Tomorrow, will be judgement day for me. I hope that my 'new' hair looks good on me!! I pray that Jing will not mess up my look - well, he never has! He's been so good, that I've been a loyal client since 1999!! He's the only person I trust with my hair, and no one else. He just flips my hair, cuts it, and voila!! A new look!!

To 'capture' my new look, I've decided to have my passport picture taken! Of course, after the haircut - my hair will definitely be styled thus having the 'inayos' or 'kaka-parlor lang' look that I want to acheive. I just hope everything goes well as planned.

Good luck to me!!

Have a nice weekend everyone!!
Ipagdasal nyo nalang ako.