The First Customer a.k.a Buena Mano

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I woke up very early today hoping to be one of the early birds. As I arrived, thinking that I was late already (I was told that the sale starts at 10am, I got there at 944am) I got the shock of my life when I stepped out of the elevator at the 36th Floor of the Petron Mega Plaza. The first thing I saw was the banner stand that mentioned a Buy1 Take1 promo. Then the next thing I saw was blue boxes stacked up and side by side. As I walked to the entrance, I was bewildered to see that my mom and I were the only ones there. There was this other person, she was stacking the shoe boxes and arranging them properly. I asked her if the sale has already started and she replied that she's just fixing the stuffs so that when her bosses arrive, the sale will start. We jokingly asked her if we could take a peek since no one was there, she smiled and agreed. And so my mom and I started to open the shoe boxes and 'usi' the designs of the shoes. I was very disappointed with the selection, and so was my mom! The sizes were all so big! I'm a size 7 (I thought that was BIG na!) the sizes there were mostly size 8's 9's and 10's. So in short, wala kaming size! Since we were already there, we went around the place and looked into every single stack. Hoping to find a nice pair. I was able to find one purple slip-on, I was lucky because there was only one box in my size!! I grabbed it and held on to it (Just in case may makakuha.. maiinis ako) 30minutes after my friend Selene arrived. She was shocked to see that there were only 3 people inside the place! The area was really small it was about 3m x 4m. Maliit talaga! One of the organizers arrived at about 1130am, and since I got na the pair that I liked.. I was customer number 1!! I was the first one the organizer made a receipt to!! And whilst paying, she asked for my name. When she heard it, she said na it sounded familiar, she asked if I frequent the GirlTalk message boards, I said yes. As it turns out, she bought an item from me before.. (what it was, hindi ko na maalala!!) We had a common friend as well, si Jake a.k.a. Georgia!! Haha..

I had fun naman, but was quite disappointed because of the selection of the shoes! Amix told me that they'll have another sale next year! I can't wait!!!

Thanks Jake, for the heads up!!
Thanks Mommy and Selene for accompanying me!!
Thanks Amix, for being so nice!!

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