Nestle Boost

Friday, September 22, 2017

I never thought my mom would actually take Nestle Boost, but then about a month ago, she suffered severe pains from her sciatica injury thus limiting her movements.  I was so glad that despite having lost her appetite, Nestle Boost came to the rescue!  It wasn't very hard for us to keep her *healthy* despite her injury.

We let her drink Nestle Boost to supplement to suffice for whatever is lacking in her diet.  She liked the taste, it wasn't too sweet.  She loved how easy it was to make.  For those times that pain was unbearable and eating was becoming a chore, I think somehow Nestle Boost helped maintain her health. Crossing our fingers for her total recovery!

Thank you Nestle Boost!

Live Your Best Possible Life With Boost!

Many associate those in their 50s and above to be slowing down in life. This mindset hinders them from doing the many things they still can achieve--exploring a new country? Learning a new hobby or sport? When it comes to experiencing firsts,” millennials and their adventurous spirit usually comes to mind. But what these parents of millennials may not realize at first is that with the age of wisdom comes new possibilities that will encourage one to never stop exploring.

Boost, a nutritional powdered supplement drink from Nestle Health Science is specially formulated for adults 50 and up to address their nutritional needs as they age in order to get the most out of life - to live up and be their best. We believe we have the responsibility to provide nutritional therapies that change the way we approach health, and ultimately help create a better quality of life for our consumers”, says Paul Bruhn, Regional Head of Nestle Health Science AOA. We recognize the increase in ageing consumers who now live longer, and we aim to empower them to take action to manage the age-related changes they experience and help them stay healthy”, he added.

Research shows that special nutrition may help to manage the normal changes our bodies go through during life. It is important to consider that nutritional needs tend to evolve with time and gradual changes in lifestyle, dietary habits, and metabolism often develop. That is why Nestle Health Science developed the Boost range. It takes into consideration what nutrition may be lacking in the diets of adults 50 and up, and these oral nutritional supplements can positively impact their nutritional intake to help them stay healthy and active.

Boost recently brought together a few of the country’s personalities and their children to show us how baby boomers and millennials are more alike than we think.

I realized that age is never an excuse to stop yourself from trying new things,” shares Ramon Jacinto. I see it in my kids and if I want to be youthful like them, all I need to do is believe that I can still do as much as they can!”

Ramon’s son, RJ Jacinto, agrees saying, I notice that dad has been more daring. Ayaw magpatalo sa millennial!

There is so much to discover and experience. I’m slowly trying to accomplish more and more things in my bucket list!” shares Tessa Prieto-Valdes.

“It’s refreshing hitting new milestones at this age. And I think I can go on doing just that till I hit 70!” shares Quinito Henson

When asked about a surprising ‘first’ she saw her mother accomplish, Coco Quizon, daughter of Zsa Zsa Padilla shares, I remember when my mom and I tried to learn how to drive together a few years ago. We pretty much quit soon after because we were hitting every curb!”

I was usually so scared of driving; there’s so many different things to worry about,” Zsa Zsa adds, ”But then one day, I surprised her by picking her up for dinner.”

I still don’t drive or have a license, so good job for her!” Coco says.

It is recommended to drink Boost 1-2 times a day, as part of a balanced diet. "It has been proven that we should eat 5 small meals a day and not let ourselves go hungry because then, the body will start to store fat to have some energy on reserve. Eating one big meal for lunch or dinner is not wise because we pack all the calories in one go. Hence, Boost is perfect for my in-between meals. I can put it in my shaker and just add water”, says Ruby Gan.
Nobody understands healthy ageing like Nestle Health Science. By incorporating Boost into your lifestyle, you will better understand that your life shouldn’t slow down--and neither should you. By making your own healthy choices in the way that these personalities do, you can take charge of your own life.

Live the best you possibly can and discover more of life’s #possibilitieswithBOOST.

For more information, you may visit Boost’s Facebook Page @NestleBoostPH

Boost is currently available in Mercury Drug Stores and comes in three variants: Optimum 800g Php 1,560 and 400g Php 797, Energis 480g Php 595, and Mobilis 405g Php 595. For the convenience of having your products delivered right at your doorstep, you may contact

Quaker Overnight Oats

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

I never liked oatmeal - ever.  It was only after giving birth that I tried it and realized, it was not so bad.  I think it was because a yummy tablea was put together with the oatmeal. I then, would always always put chocolate something on my oatmeal.  What can I say, I'm a creature of habit!

I have been very curious on the overnight oats.  I have been seeing on my feed that friends have been doing it left and right.  Fact is - I always cook my oats, I always buy those *Quick Cook* ones instead of the instant.  It was my sister in law Sasa who told me to get the quick cook ones, instead of the instant - and she's very particular with food and so I believed her.  Hehehe.  

When I received a Quaker Whole Grain Rolled Oats kit, I was so happy to see that it was a *quick cook* varian.  Yey!  Seeing the plastic canisters - well, I had no reason not to try the overnight oats anymore.  Delaying is O-V-E-R!

I was so happy to receive the kit as it had instructions on the glass canister!  It was easy peasy!  Woohooo!!

No need to guess how much oat and liquid to put!  I'm glad there's a line I can follow.  The kids saw me do this and they want to do it themselves next time.

Here's me trying my best!  Haha..

I found Chia Seeds, so I put them in too..

Now, it's ready to be stored overnight in the ref....  Excited for the result!

I was so excited to see and taste the overnight oats.  This is fresh from the ref:

The verdict?  Well, I won't ever go back to cooking my oatmeal again!  I have decided that these overnight oats taste so much better and the texture is perfect for me too!  Glad to have been part of this activity!  I'll try and scout some fresh fruits to go with this.

I never knew it was this easy.

Want to try this at home ?

LOVING the Triger Tribe Activity Sets for kids

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

I honestly didn't have any idea on what Tiger Tribe is.  I am quite lazy to research, hihi.  But you know what, my friend Cheryl has this knack for spotting products that has potential.  We're actually very lucky that she decided to distribute Tiger Tribe here in the country.

Last weekend, the kids received their first Tiger Tribe Activity kits.

These are really interesting, organized and very well though of activity kits.  Here's a look inside:

Brilliant right?  On the left part is a booklet which teaches you how to draw - STEP BY STEP!  The kit has a sharpener, eraser and colored pencils.  On the right side, is a pad with very smooth and thick paper that has grids on them - to make learning to draw easier.  If you look closely (zoom in) the fairy page you'll see it also has grids to mark the spot where they'll start drawing.  

This is what the Construction Coloring Kit looks like when you open it up:

The left part is a case for the colored markers and stickers.  On the right side is the activity pad for coloring, following the dots and how to draw too!

My favorite part of this Construction Coloring set is this:

It has a built-in cardboad that you can use under the page you are coloring to avoid - BLEEDING!  I was silently doing the slow clap when I saw this.  They thought of EVERYTHING!  These little details I appreciate very very much.

I was blown away, these two kits.  It is perfect to keep the kids occupied - ANYTIME!  I like that this encourages drawing without the need to attend classes.  I really really like how well thought of this kit it.  Amazing.  They executed it very well.  

You know what the best part is? The price!  It's not as expensive as those Crayola Mess Free kits.  The How to Draw Kit is P645.00, while the Construction Coloring Set is P495.00.  I find the price really appealing, and I'm quite kuripot when it comes to these things.  

Think about this at P645.00, your child will be able to LEARN how to draw by just following the pictures in the booklet!  And not just basic drawing at that.  It makes the kids more observant, Kailee has been trying her hardest to copy the best she could the mermaids and fairies - and if you ask me, she's doing a very very good job.  Look at the video below.

Another thing that I LOVE about Triger Tribe is they're portable too!  It's clean and comes in a box that has a magnetic strap.  Everything is held in place - no mess, no spills and no hassle! Perfect for us mom and our kids!

Another good idea?  CHRISTMAS GIFTS!  They're very practical and mess free.  PERFECT!

BrightBrands, the local distributor of #TigerTribe has a lot more activity kits for your girl and boys.  Head on the their Facebook Page and see.

Here's the complete catalogue of Tiger Tribe from BrightBrand.  Please click the link below:

Who is this friend of Dada who is a GIRL?!?!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

KBefore reading the story below.  Imagine me as a SUPER JEALOUS WIFE, freaking out when I heard what I heard from my daughter.

So the other night, Connor was asking me to read him a book.  It was Kailee's book Aqualicious, I thought it was given by one of her ninangs.  She said that it was given to her by Dada's friend who is a girl.  I asked which friend, Kailee said *The friend of Dada who comes to the house!*

Kailee:  She gave it to me for my birthday, but she missed my birthday so she gave it after my birthday.


It would have been something innocent, but then I thought - my Panget doesn't have a LOT of (girl) friends who frequent the house.  I also can't seem to recall a friend of my Panget who is a girl that gives Kailee gifts, especially on her birthday.  How did this girl know of Kailee's birthday?  I then turned to my Panget and asked him - Who is this friend she is talking about?  My Panget looked at me clueless.  You should see the look on his face.  And then Kailee added this *Diba Dada, she comes here all the time?*  I was very curious - I wanted to know how this conversation will end.  So I pressed further.

Me:  So Kailee, what does she look like?
Kailee:  She has short hair, like my BFF A.
Me:  Short hair? (Faces of my Panget's friends suddenly flashed - and none of them, I mean NONE of them had short hair!)  Dada doesnt' have a friend who's a girl that has short hair.
Kailee:  He does!  Her hair is colored brown!  (Kailee was so SURE of this)
Me:  Who is she?  Do you remember her name?  (I pressed further)
Kailee:  I know her name starts with a C!
Me:  Dada doesn't have a friend who is a girl that starts with a C!  (Letter C??)
Kailee:  He does!  (and she turns to my Panget and says Dada, diba you have??)

My Panget and I both asked - is she Auntie Imma?  Auntie Annie?  Kailee shook her head to both names.

I then looked at my Panget and then told him *Binubuking ka na ng anak mo* I really needed to know.  I swear, I wanted to get to the bottom of this.  I had to still press on my questioning.  I need to strategize.  Who was this friend?  I mean, seriously - WHO IS THIS FRIEND WHO IS A GIRL??

Kailee:  She comes here to visit!
Me:  She comes here to the house?  (WTH?!)
Kailee:  Yes, she does!  (In my head, I'm almost always with Kailee when she's in the house)
Me:  As in inside this house?
Kailee:  Yes!  She even said that she was going with us to (place of vacation) to take care of Taikong, but she got sick!  So she didn't come with us.
Me:  Who is this friend?

Kailee's face then lights up and says *I''ll give you a clue, dada has a picture!* and then Kailee began to rummage through my Panget's side table.

If I were the SUPER JEALOUS wife I asked you to imagine me to be - this would have been a crazy SERIOUS confrontation and discussion.  I would be going ballistic and thinking of the worst case scenario.

But you know what, I'm really not.

The truth of the matter is - I WAS LAUGHING LIKE CRAZY as this whole conversation was happening.  I was laughing out loud, crazily, happily.  I think my kids thought I was a lunatic, they didn't understand why I was laughing so hard and so loudly.  My Panget on the other hand was laughing too.  But not as hard and as loudly as me.  Hahaha..

I was really wondering WHO IS THIS FRIEND OF MY PANGET?  Oh my gosh, believe me - I was sooooo entertained.  I indulged Kailee more while she was looking for the picture.

Me:  What picture are you looking for?
Kailee:  We have a picture of a party and she was there!

In my mind, she was in a party, WITH US?  Who is this girl??

Then what Kailee said next threw me into a CRAZIER laughing fit.

Kailee:  I think Dada hid the picture na.  (Mind you, her term was HID!)

Oh my gosh, my Panget hid the picture!  I looked at my Panget while crazily laughing and said *You hid the evidence!*  I think he was as amused as I was so interested and entertained by this whole thing.

Then finally - something clicked in Kailee's mind

Kailee:  I think I remember her name.
Me:  Whats her name?
Kailee: Cyma!
Me:  Cyma?
Kailee:  Yes!  Cyma!
Me:  Dada doesn't have a friend who is named Cyma
My Panget:  You mean Chiman?  Uncle Chiman?  (Yes, he had to inject his friend's name, hahahaha!)
Kailee: No!  Her name is Cyma!

I then thought hard, while laughing out very very loudly

Me:  I know!  It's See-E-Ma!

Kailee:  Yes!  That's her!  C-E-Ma!

FINALLY, we have a name.

So who is C-E-Ma?

C-E-Ma is the youngest sister of my mother in law.  I told Kailee *C-E-Ma is not Dada's friend, she is Dada's AUNT!*  Kailee looked at me confused.  I had to explain to her so she could understand better.  All along she thought that C-E-Ma is her Dada's friend.  Hahaha!!

I swear, it was such a FUNNY and INTERESTING conversation.

C-E-Ma does fit all of Kailee's descriptions.  She comes to the house, she has short hair and her hair is brown too.  Of course at family parties, she is present.  She fits them all.

You know, if I had trust issues - this story would be different.  It's a good thing that I don't - instead I was entertained like there was no tomorrow.

Have happy Thursday!

Kids talaga....

Review: Tupperware Click Series

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

I honestly DO NOT LIKE peeling anything.  I super love french fries, but I really dislike having to peel the skin off.  So what I do is I just wash it and cut it up and fry them.  In short, my fries have potato skins on them.

I'm sure everyone is familiar is with the old kind of peelers.  Those stainless ones that are flimsy and most of the time are not stable enough.  That is what I dislike the most.  Hahaha!!

Look at these new peelers from Tupperware!

I can't believe they are peelers!  They're so pretty!  Why didn't they make peelers this attractive before?  Hahaha!!  Innovation, I guess.  But look at it.  It's smart, functional AND practical!

Honestly, I didn't need to use the others anymore - I stuck to using one.  Yaya Belen loves this peeler too!  So you can just imagine, how much homemade fries I am eating right now.  Shhhhhh!!  Hihi..

Here is a video of me taken by Connor using the peeler.  It's easy to use and very practical!  I am not scare that I will hurt myself or that the peeler will breakdown because of flimsyness.  I apologize for the dark setting.

See?  Nothing, I mean NOTHING goes to waste!  Hahaha...

We also got these very cute and useful containers!  Aren't they lovely?

They are, right?  I grew up with the brand Tupperware.   I can still remember it as if it was yesterday that my mom brought home a set for us to use.  Pitcher, the iconic Tupperware pitcher brings back so many memories of my childhood.  I wish I kept out old Tupperware pitcher as a remembrance.  Hahaha!!

Here's another nifty kitchen tool from Tupperware - the spiralizer!

I remember seeing those spiral potatoes being sold in the streets of Myeongdong, Seoul!  I honestly wondered who they cut those up.  Well, well, well - this is the secret!  Hahaha..  Now we can do those spiral potatoes at home!!

Here is the slot for the finger - BRILLIANT, right?

I really like the feel of these new Tupperwares, they make food prep a bit more fun and colorful.  Even the kids now want to participate and help prepare the food.

Good job, Tupperware!

Prices are the following:
Click Series Peelers - P1,299.00
Unbelieva-Bowls - P399.00 each
Spiralizer - comes FREE