Erceflora's Probi Bears: Probiotic for Kids!

Saturday, May 26, 2018

I learned of Erceflora when I had a bout of LBM after giving birth.  It sounded so foreign to me because my solution for LBM was just drinking pineapple juice!  Hahaha..  I was told that the results were instant - and so I tried it, and when I did - I was amazed at the effect.  Thus, I have a piece or two in my everyday bag.  You know, for just in case.

I remember being told that kids can also have this for their LBM bouts.  But I was just told last year that the dose is too much for a child.  Thus, I shifted to this kiddie brand.  One thing that I didn't like, was that I needed to dissolve the powder in water and let my kids drink it.  As you all know, it's quite hard to have kids drink something foreign looking to them.  But I stuck it out.  I would bring sachets of that particular product in every travel.

Then I receive and email with information that Erceflora, the brand that I trust has a variant for kids.  I was excited - I was really excited.  So I waited and waited and waited.  I honestly thought it wouldn't arrive anymore - but when it did, I was ecstatic!

Timing was perfect as we were leaving for a family trip.  I was so happy because I didn't need to worry about making the kids drink it.  I had them try it immediately - and they LOVED it!

This is the packaging, we love that it's individually packed so no issue whatsoever when it comes to health and sanitation.

Taste wise, Kailee loves it because it's VANILLA!  It's a chewable tablet that smells like chocolate.

Erceflora Probi Bears will be available in all Mercury outlets by June 2018.

Greenwich's Hawaiian Overload!

Friday, May 25, 2018


Yes, that's how much more toppings Greenwich's Hawaiian Overload pizza is!  Gone are the days when you can count how many pineapples and hams you have in a slice of pizza.  Now, with every bite is the true Hawaiian Pizza experience.

The event was a BFF birthday party for Greenwich endorsers Yassi Pressman and Bela Padilla.  They were two very pretty actresses with the *real* person vibe, no pretensions - just them, being - their wacky selves.

Yassi I know is passionate about dancing, I remember watching her dancing videos on the web.  I was pleasantly surprised though, that Bela can sing AND play the ukelele!  Cool, diba?  She even serenaded us which delighted the fans in the room.

The star of the event was of course the wonderful Hawaiian overload pizza!

Look at those toppings!  Very generous, right?  And generous it is indeed!  And take note, it's not just ham and pineapples - it's MORE!!  I had two slices and was shy to get more!  Hahahaha..  I really really really love pizza and so this was such a wonderful treat for me and for baby #3!  Hahahaha... :)

Order yours now!!

Shift Up! Talk on Building Strengths of Youth & Families

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Press Release

If you want to SHIFT UP and learn how to get the TOXICITY OUT of your life,  this workshop is for you!

Winning and Losing

Friday, May 11, 2018

A few years ago, my Panget bought board games for us to play with the kids.  Kailee and Connor were so excited even if they didn't know how to play these games.  My Panget got Chutes and Ladders (kids version of snakes and ladders), Monopoly, Jenga, Connect and Trouble.

We started with the simplest one, Chutes and Ladders.  We of course, explain to them the rules on how to go forward in the game and how it is also possible to go back a few or multiple steps back when a corresponding piece lands on a chute.  It was quite easy, right?  So we played.  The kids were really excited.  They went back and forth on the board and when finally, Kailee won - she screamed so excitedly of joy and happiness.  Meanwhile, Connor was screaming a very loud *NOooooooo!* and cried, as in seriously crying.  We all stopped and wondered why he was crying.  When had calmed a bit, we asked him why he cried and screamed - apparently, it was because he lost.  We had to explain to him that in games, there are winners and losers, that not all games can be won by everyone.  But he vowed never to play Chutes and Ladders *ever* again because he lost.

Next up was Jenga.  Well, as you might guess - Connor lost again because the pieces fell as he was trying to ease one out.  It came as a shock to him that the pieces fell and so he cried again.  I think he was getting disheartened with the board games because he wasn't winning.  That night, he declared that he doesn't want to play board gaim *ever* again because he always loses.

Now - how do you properly teach your kids the notion of winning and losing.  I know we all want to win, but games are a game of chance (and skill) and skills develop as you grow and learn.  I honestly have no idea on how to teach him that losing is sometimes okay.  Kailee has been a very good sport, is it because she's a girl and is not as competitive as her brother?  I am not sure really, but she took losing the game really well.  She just told me that it's okay for her to lose.

We have been explaining to Connor the concept of winning and losing in games - but I think, maybe he's too young?  I am not sure - or maybe he's not really wanting to understand the situation.


Pantene Micellar Shampoo

Thursday, May 10, 2018

I'm a sucker for shampoos.  Yes.  I loooove buying new shampoos.  Hahaha!  So when I saw this Pantene Micellar Shampoo from my friend - M's sister's feed - I knew I wanted one.  And it was by luck that my friend M was going to Bangkok, so I asked her to buy for me.

First off - it's in Thai, so I couldn't understand the directions.  I tried to Google Translate, but it couldn't.  So I just used it like a normal shampoo.  It was so fragrant and after, I noticed that I felt my head was lighter.  I'm sure you know the feeling.  My hair felt softer too.

When I was smaller, elders used to tell me to wash my hair every other day.  I think I followed their advice until one day that I felt my hair was too oily already.  It wasn't fun being paranoid that my hair was oily and flat.  So I decided to wash my hair everyday.  It was only recently that the thought entered my mind again because of falling hair and having my dreaded *white* hairs.  I honestly can't believe how conscious I have gotten since seeing so many white hairs on my head.  I know I'm aging, but it's one thing that I am so very conscious of - simply because they're baby white hair sticking OUT from my head!  Hahaha.

So I tried the do not wash your hair everyday on a whim.

Can you guess how long I lasted?  Hahaha..

I lasted for three days.  THREE DAYS!  I think I could have gone more than 3 days, but I was too conscious already.  My hair was still soft and not oily on the 3rd day of not washing.  My scalp did not feel itchy at all and my hair and head still felt light.  It was AMAZING really.  I finally found a shampoo that can my scalp and hair *rest* for a few days.

I just used one pump for my medium length hair and followed with a Pantene conditioner as well.  I don't know where it's available elsewhere but for sure in Bangkok there is.  So, if you know of a family member going to Bangkok, ask to buy this for you - price is about PHP350.00 converted.