Who is this friend of Dada who is a GIRL?!?!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

KBefore reading the story below.  Imagine me as a SUPER JEALOUS WIFE, freaking out when I heard what I heard from my daughter.

So the other night, Connor was asking me to read him a book.  It was Kailee's book Aqualicious, I thought it was given by one of her ninangs.  She said that it was given to her by Dada's friend who is a girl.  I asked which friend, Kailee said *The friend of Dada who comes to the house!*

Kailee:  She gave it to me for my birthday, but she missed my birthday so she gave it after my birthday.


It would have been something innocent, but then I thought - my Panget doesn't have a LOT of (girl) friends who frequent the house.  I also can't seem to recall a friend of my Panget who is a girl that gives Kailee gifts, especially on her birthday.  How did this girl know of Kailee's birthday?  I then turned to my Panget and asked him - Who is this friend she is talking about?  My Panget looked at me clueless.  You should see the look on his face.  And then Kailee added this *Diba Dada, she comes here all the time?*  I was very curious - I wanted to know how this conversation will end.  So I pressed further.

Me:  So Kailee, what does she look like?
Kailee:  She has short hair, like my BFF A.
Me:  Short hair? (Faces of my Panget's friends suddenly flashed - and none of them, I mean NONE of them had short hair!)  Dada doesnt' have a friend who's a girl that has short hair.
Kailee:  He does!  Her hair is colored brown!  (Kailee was so SURE of this)
Me:  Who is she?  Do you remember her name?  (I pressed further)
Kailee:  I know her name starts with a C!
Me:  Dada doesn't have a friend who is a girl that starts with a C!  (Letter C??)
Kailee:  He does!  (and she turns to my Panget and says Dada, diba you have??)

My Panget and I both asked - is she Auntie Imma?  Auntie Annie?  Kailee shook her head to both names.

I then looked at my Panget and then told him *Binubuking ka na ng anak mo* I really needed to know.  I swear, I wanted to get to the bottom of this.  I had to still press on my questioning.  I need to strategize.  Who was this friend?  I mean, seriously - WHO IS THIS FRIEND WHO IS A GIRL??

Kailee:  She comes here to visit!
Me:  She comes here to the house?  (WTH?!)
Kailee:  Yes, she does!  (In my head, I'm almost always with Kailee when she's in the house)
Me:  As in inside this house?
Kailee:  Yes!  She even said that she was going with us to (place of vacation) to take care of Taikong, but she got sick!  So she didn't come with us.
Me:  Who is this friend?

Kailee's face then lights up and says *I''ll give you a clue, dada has a picture!* and then Kailee began to rummage through my Panget's side table.

If I were the SUPER JEALOUS wife I asked you to imagine me to be - this would have been a crazy SERIOUS confrontation and discussion.  I would be going ballistic and thinking of the worst case scenario.

But you know what, I'm really not.

The truth of the matter is - I WAS LAUGHING LIKE CRAZY as this whole conversation was happening.  I was laughing out loud, crazily, happily.  I think my kids thought I was a lunatic, they didn't understand why I was laughing so hard and so loudly.  My Panget on the other hand was laughing too.  But not as hard and as loudly as me.  Hahaha..

I was really wondering WHO IS THIS FRIEND OF MY PANGET?  Oh my gosh, believe me - I was sooooo entertained.  I indulged Kailee more while she was looking for the picture.

Me:  What picture are you looking for?
Kailee:  We have a picture of a party and she was there!

In my mind, she was in a party, WITH US?  Who is this girl??

Then what Kailee said next threw me into a CRAZIER laughing fit.

Kailee:  I think Dada hid the picture na.  (Mind you, her term was HID!)

Oh my gosh, my Panget hid the picture!  I looked at my Panget while crazily laughing and said *You hid the evidence!*  I think he was as amused as I was so interested and entertained by this whole thing.

Then finally - something clicked in Kailee's mind

Kailee:  I think I remember her name.
Me:  Whats her name?
Kailee: Cyma!
Me:  Cyma?
Kailee:  Yes!  Cyma!
Me:  Dada doesn't have a friend who is named Cyma
My Panget:  You mean Chiman?  Uncle Chiman?  (Yes, he had to inject his friend's name, hahahaha!)
Kailee: No!  Her name is Cyma!

I then thought hard, while laughing out very very loudly

Me:  I know!  It's See-E-Ma!

Kailee:  Yes!  That's her!  C-E-Ma!

FINALLY, we have a name.

So who is C-E-Ma?

C-E-Ma is the youngest sister of my mother in law.  I told Kailee *C-E-Ma is not Dada's friend, she is Dada's AUNT!*  Kailee looked at me confused.  I had to explain to her so she could understand better.  All along she thought that C-E-Ma is her Dada's friend.  Hahaha!!

I swear, it was such a FUNNY and INTERESTING conversation.

C-E-Ma does fit all of Kailee's descriptions.  She comes to the house, she has short hair and her hair is brown too.  Of course at family parties, she is present.  She fits them all.

You know, if I had trust issues - this story would be different.  It's a good thing that I don't - instead I was entertained like there was no tomorrow.

Have happy Thursday!

Kids talaga....

Review: Tupperware Click Series

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

I honestly DO NOT LIKE peeling anything.  I super love french fries, but I really dislike having to peel the skin off.  So what I do is I just wash it and cut it up and fry them.  In short, my fries have potato skins on them.

I'm sure everyone is familiar is with the old kind of peelers.  Those stainless ones that are flimsy and most of the time are not stable enough.  That is what I dislike the most.  Hahaha!!

Look at these new peelers from Tupperware!

I can't believe they are peelers!  They're so pretty!  Why didn't they make peelers this attractive before?  Hahaha!!  Innovation, I guess.  But look at it.  It's smart, functional AND practical!

Honestly, I didn't need to use the others anymore - I stuck to using one.  Yaya Belen loves this peeler too!  So you can just imagine, how much homemade fries I am eating right now.  Shhhhhh!!  Hihi..

Here is a video of me taken by Connor using the peeler.  It's easy to use and very practical!  I am not scare that I will hurt myself or that the peeler will breakdown because of flimsyness.  I apologize for the dark setting.

See?  Nothing, I mean NOTHING goes to waste!  Hahaha...

We also got these very cute and useful containers!  Aren't they lovely?

They are, right?  I grew up with the brand Tupperware.   I can still remember it as if it was yesterday that my mom brought home a set for us to use.  Pitcher, the iconic Tupperware pitcher brings back so many memories of my childhood.  I wish I kept out old Tupperware pitcher as a remembrance.  Hahaha!!

Here's another nifty kitchen tool from Tupperware - the spiralizer!

I remember seeing those spiral potatoes being sold in the streets of Myeongdong, Seoul!  I honestly wondered who they cut those up.  Well, well, well - this is the secret!  Hahaha..  Now we can do those spiral potatoes at home!!

Here is the slot for the finger - BRILLIANT, right?

I really like the feel of these new Tupperwares, they make food prep a bit more fun and colorful.  Even the kids now want to participate and help prepare the food.

Good job, Tupperware!

Prices are the following:
Click Series Peelers - P1,299.00
Unbelieva-Bowls - P399.00 each
Spiralizer - comes FREE

Early Morning Drive

Friday, August 11, 2017

When the driver doesn't show up, well- things get a little more complicated.  I need to be more alert because having kids in the car mean that I NEED to be extra careful.

Another thought was - of all days, it had to be a Friday - when we have two cars on coding.  Wonderful!  I was going to use my car (that was coding too!), but guess what - the gas tank was almost empty.  So I had to use the other coding car, in my head was BAHALA NA SI BATMAN!

So there, I drove to our carpool mate's house and had to ask Kailee to sit in the front primarily because one of the kids who carpools with us has motion sickness, so her yaya needs to be on a alert that she might - throw up!  So two kids at the back with the yaya and Kailee in front of me.

Usually, when there's a driver - I pray my morning Rosary and Divine Mercy prayers on the way.  But this time, I didn't have time anymore - I had to focus on the driving.  I actually timed myself - to see if I did a better job behind the wheel or just as a passenger.

One observation on myself - I am very impatient on the road.  I hate those oh so slowly moving vehicles that don't have a care in the world that they're causing build up.  Argh - but I had to be extra patient since, I was shuttling three kids!

I guess during the morning traffic near school - drivers get a little bit competitive on who goes first and who needs to be given way.  I most of the time feel that traffic enforcers do more harm that good - but when we're talking about the pride of Filipino drivers, well - it's damn if you do and damn if you don't.  I was lucky that this morning's traffic was a bit bearable.  It was only when we reached Gate 9 of XS that things got a bit tricky.

Since I had a little boy to drop off at XS's Gate 9, I had to be creative yet not cause traffic.  Well, lo and behold this car in front of me.  They were taking their sweet time - I think their little boy in the car was still putting on clothes.  My GOODNESS!  I really dislike inconsiderate people.  There are so many cars lining up behind me waiting for me to move and this car REFUSES to move!  I had to call the attention of the security guard to let the car move, but you know what the guard said *Ma'am atras nalang po kayo, aalalalayan ko po kayo* Sheesh!  So as a good citizen, I did what was suggested.  As I drove passed the car infront of me, I was correct, the little was was still dressing up.  The driver was I assume his dad, and he had his eyes CLOSED!  Talk about entitlement.  It was a no parking zone yet he was there - stalling, what kind of an example is that?

I teach my children to be mindful of other people, that they should be aware of their surroundings and the people around them.  I feel a bit irritated that I teach my kids this while other continue to feel entitled.  Maybe I shouldn't teach that to my kids anymore - argh!!  It is so very very hard to be merciful and compassionate to people if they don't even have an ounce of consideration for others.  Nakakainis!  Just because of this - I missed a few crucial seconds.  I say crucial seconds because they really matter in early morning school traffic.

So anyhoo - I got home by 7:10am, not bad I think - I just matched the morning driver's record!  Hahaha..

How's your morning been?

Happy weekend!

Go on with Goon Diapers!

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

You see, when it comes to diapers - well, let's be honest, we want the cheapest one that we can find that hopefully will do its job well.  With Kailee, it was unfortunate that the brand that I wanted for her gave her diaper rashes.  This diaper rash was so bad that we had to go to the pedia and the doctor prescribed a steroid cream.  I think it was the Yaya's fault + the diapers.  We had to switch brands and this brand was quite pricey - but since it didn't her give Kailee rashes, well - we had to buy it.  We had no choice.  I would remembering hoarding boxes of this competing brand whenever there was a sale in S&R.  I was quite happy with it that it became the standard choice when Connor arrived.

Well, I was wrong.  What I thought was the best turned out to be not the best for Connor.  We experienced leaks and rashes.  I was honestly surprised because I assumed that since Kailee was so comfy in it, that Connor would be too!  So I searched, and searched only to find that the brand I wanted for Kailee, did it's job well for Connor.  It was cheaper thus more economical for me.

I've honestly been aware of the brand Goon for quite a while now.  I remember seeing it in one of those baby fairs around.  I often wondered though, where was it being sold.  Fast forward to a few months ago when I received an invite from Goon Philippines.  I was very excited honestly, I wanted to see and know what it was really all about.

The event was pretty straightforward, which I really liked.  They didn't go around the bush and instead presented us with the best qualities of the diaper.  I'm sure all of the moms there were impressed because I really was.

This was when a Goon diaper was put to the test.  I liked the fact they used purple colored water to showcase Goon's selling point - it's absorbency.  They presented two leading brands in the market and of course - a Goon diaper!  Everyone was amazed at how much water a Goon diaper can absorb!  When you touch it, it's not even wet at all!  The other brands were leaking already.  And can you guess how much water that is?  5 cups!  Yes, 5 cups of water.  Amazing, right?

They also have a wetness indicator.  Which is so convenient and helpful!

I was so eager to try it that same night.  And we did.  Usually, Connor has 2 to 3 diaper changes during the night.  I said, that this was the ultimate test of Goon diapers.  If Goon can handle Connor's multiple diaper changes at night, then we've found a winner in Goon.

I was telling Connor that he will be using a new kind of diaper, he was quite excited too.  So the next morning, I was so curious on the result.  I asked Yaya Belen first if she changed Connor's nappies - she said no with a huge smile on her face.  Then when Connor woke up, he went to me and told me *No overflow, Mommy!*  That was Night #1.  I tested it again for a week - and guess what?  No leaks!  No overflows!  We just used one (1) diaper a night!  Can you believe it?  One diaper a night!  Talk about economical!

I also was watching out for rashes and irritations - and I saw none.  When we used up our pack of Goon diapers, Connor reminded me to buy more.  During my regular supermarket run, Connor told me *Mommy, Goon diapers please!*  Even Connor is now aware of the brand!

Many friends have told me they are using Goon diapers!  I was so happy to hear that.  How I wish that during Kailee's time, Goon was already here in the country.

Better late than never, right?

Click below for the press release.

Opinion: Online Car Registration

Monday, July 31, 2017

Car registration every year is a painful process.  It's quite redundant, but you'll need to do it because the law says that you need to do it.  I have personally handled the vehicle registration of our family so I know the process by heart.

Every year, the LTO asks us for a stencil of the cars.  So what I did was to make multiple stencils of all the cars (using the LTO forms) so that when the time came for that particular vehicle to be registered, I would simply pull it out from the file.  Things changed a few years ago, I honestly didn't understand it - but our driver told us that the LTO people are the ones who need to stencil the vehicles right before you register.  This he said entailed a different from AND another fee.  FINE - since we can't skip that process, then go ahead - right?  

For years we have had a *suki* smoke emission testing company that we go to that is nearby.  We go to that particular shop because they work very fast - and because we've developed a relationship with them through the years.  THEN things changed again a few years ago - there was a ruling that you NEED to have your smoke emission checked nearby the LTO office that you will register your vehicle.  This was such a hassle for us because the locations of the LTO office where register is a distance from one another.  Since transferring the LTO office where we register is another painful process, we decided to just maintain that LTO office and switch smoke belching companies.  

Imagine, we would be spending the WHOLE day in the LTO office just waiting for the documents.  We would go very early - to have the emission test done, then stencil (this will depend on the person doing the stencil-ing, if he was only one and there are about 25 vehicles inline - what time can he finish, right?) and then wait a long looooong time for the papers to get moving and to pay for the fee and finally getting the sticker (if there was any).  To me personally, it's such a waste of time - I mean, why not simple shorten the process, right?  But well, that's the bureucracy of the LTO.  The frontline staff is very unhappy with their work, there is not simple production line - that you need to go back and forth from the window that received the documents, from the cashier to the claiming of the stickers (if any).  When I observed this, I thought to myself - how disorganized!  I mean why put the cashier on another end and make people go back and forth to it?  It's really crazy, honestly.  I asked about it - and you know what I was told why the position of the cashier was on the end?  Well, it's because the cord of the machine (for the electric outlet) is SHORT!  I don't have words.  I really don't anymore.  So I just sighed and waited.  And when we were finally called - I was told, *NO sticker po* So we waited for nothing.  This is repeated a number of times a year.  And it is getting very frustrating.  

A few weeks ago, when I learned that there was a resolution made by Sen. JV Ejercito on making the vehicle registration online, I was delighted.  It was such a relief that law makers get to think of these things.  Imagine a mother, who play so many roles - when will she have time to register her vehicle?  She will need to to take a whole day leave from her work - that means she won't get a salary that say since she's absent.  How about the stay at home mom who prepares the food and picks up the kids from school?  Who will cook and pick up the kids?  It's really frustrating, I mean seriously - why can't these things become much easier for all of us?

There are still many questions and revisions that need to be done, but the path is there, the idea is there - we should start, even with just one step for progress to happen.  I am all for this movement, I am all for supporting this move.

I hope that with this, we can all move forward.  

We need this.

Our country needs it.

Let's do this not for us, but for the progress of our country.